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  1. Bountiful knowledge here. Good to hear you've done it right.
  2. Sounds a bit expensive job.
  3. Those looks nice!
  4. Have you ever found out the correct offset? We'll be working on buddy's Superlite soon right after we finished installing the brake kit and method wheels on the current truck project.
  5. Sounds a good place to get nice stuff. Good leads.
  6. This is an exciting project! Subbed for the progress
  7. Awesome to hear rescuing that wonderful S2!
  8. Edger

    Back in a Seven

    That thing really makes you busy! Good run
  9. Edger

    Back in a Seven

    Welcome and congratulations! The photos aren't so bad, the car looks amazing!
  10. Awesome ride and wonderful scenery there!
  11. Looking great man, keep it up!
  12. Welcome aboard! That's one interesting build. Share some pics when you have.
  13. Flashing brake light seems very effective. Seen a few in the streets and definitely gets good attention. We'll start working on the Caterham right after we finished installing the new rack and tonneau cover for the kayak mount on the truck. We'll consider getting as 12" 3rd brake light as well.
  14. Another guy here is using iDashboard as well. Seems working just fine.
  15. That one is a stunner, no wonder your brother kept it. Have fun
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