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  1. Edger


    That's one fun ride, man! Hope to hear more updates soon
  2. Look at that beauty! Welcome
  3. That's one sweet ride, man! Nice color
  4. Hope you are enjoying the forums, Phil. Looking forward to your build project
  5. Sweet sevens, man! My buddy is looking for ideas for his incoming project. Got to finish installing the bumper and amp research board on the truck this weekend before we can take her in.
  6. That really looks like a fun ride!
  7. I like the new looks of your Stalker. Uncle used to have a Brunton Stalker V6 back then. I'll see if he still got some photos when I help him install the suspension from 4Wheelonline onto his truck.
  8. Edger


    Lol! Someone must be practicing on free time.
  9. That was an epic journey! Nice
  10. That's a totally cool rig!
  11. That's one interesting project! Subbed
  12. Sweet ride! Hope fixing the AC isn't too much expensive.
  13. That's one beautiful car! Great works
  14. Bountiful knowledge here. Good to hear you've done it right.
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