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  1. I currently run this size wheel studs and need to find some longer ones. I was hoping to use some from ARP but they catalog shows ones which require enlarging the hole in my hubs slightly to accommodate their larger knurl diameter. I'd rather not do this. Can any one help me source longer studs for: - Caterham front hub, aluminum, uprated stub axle - current ones are 47mm long (under head length) - need 57+mm length
  2. I'd like to try some slicks at an auto cross.  What brands might you recommend?

    1. Davemk1


      Hello - I think you'll find that a true bias ply road race slick (not a DOT street legal radial tire) will give the best grip for a light car like a Seven. Some like to use a Hooiser A7 but I find them to be way too heavy and stiff for the weight of the car. The Hoosier A7 is a street legal tire and has steel belts and it so stiff that it's hard to lower the air pressure enough to work well. They were designed to work with a car at least twice as heavy as a typical Seven.

      So I would look for a bias ply slick....much lighter and more supple and huge grip. Hoosier makes some good road race slicks but they don't last very long and dry out and get hard. I have found that Avon makes the best tire but they are spendy. I found them to be worth the cost because they last a long time and grip well through their life where the Hoosiers fall off a lot over time.

      I get my Avons from Roger Kraus racing - he's the Avon dealer in the USA.


      You can experiment with different tires buying used. It can be hard to know how much tire life is left but they are much cheaper. John Berget is the guy for used race slicks.

      I hope that helps.



    2. johncg1


      Thanks Dave.  Had a nice call already with Roger Kraus.  

    3. Davemk1


      very good.


  3. I'd like to try some slicks on my Seven for auto crossing.  Might you have any suggestions as to brand and tire model?

    1. spitfun


      Sorry for the late response,I just saw the message. I would go with Hoosier A7 if you want a radial autocross tire. That way you shouldn't have to change your alignment settings like a bias ply tire would require... Rich 

    2. johncg1


      I'm leaning toward the Avon super softs.  I've got other projects ahead of this so likely to try these slicks next Spring.

    3. spitfun


      I love the Avons,they last much longer than the Hoosiers...  I have corded the Hoosiers on some cars in the past in 40 runs,where the Avons would last 80 or more!!!

  4. Ok, so now more about the SPA gauge. It's a nice but expensive dual gauge (temp/pressure) complete with sensors. I've have had it more than 10 years without any issues. It's "programmable" in that it allows use of metric or standard units and low/high thresholds for pressure and temp. Best of all, it saves room on the dash. :-) Here are some pics. http://www.usa7s.net/vb/attachment.php?attachmentid=14708&stc=1http://www.usa7s.net/vb/attachment.php?attachmentid=14709&stc=1http://www.usa7s.net/vb/attachment.php?attachmentid=14710&stc=1
  5. I have a high quality SPA temp/pressure combom gauge. More on this in second posting. Cold (15C ambient), I run 90psi pressures up at 3500rpm and mid-80s at 3000rpm. After full warm up, the pressures peaks in the 70s psi. I run Mobil 1 5w30, the recommended weight for Zetecs. You should investigate if your readings are accurate and, if so, investigate the cause. As for the Caterham oil pressure sensor I used for several years (2000-2005), it failed about once per year so I went thru at least 3 as I recall. I learned (from internet, so who knows) these did not like vibration so I mou
  6. Tell us what the operating conditions are. What is the ambient temperature? What oil temps are you getting? I've been running a Caterham with a Zetec and cooler (from Caterham) for 20 years. I almost always run a cover over the cooler in order to get higher oil temps. I target 200F as a minimum and like to see it more around 220F if possible. I live in the Pacific Northwest so it tends to be cool. I find your oil pressures to be rather low as well. How many miles on the Zetec? Unless it's really hot where you live, maybe other causes should be considered. John
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