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  1. I know he's racing his Formula Ford at our big local event this weekend, and may have been slammed the last few weeks getting ready. I'll send word to him at the track today. Or, DM me and we can work out a way to put you in touch.
  2. The trailer was recovered (more or less -- some of the easy-to-remove bits on it had been stripped -- though the perps still left the plates on!) Alas, no sign -- yet -- of the kit that was inside. Thanks for monitoring. Our community may yet prove to be the way Ben's kit is recovered.
  3. Hi everyone, Unfortunate news: Ben Wofford (of Rocky Mountain Sports cars fame) had his unbuilt Caterham SV kit stolen on Saturday, June 20. I'm posting this to share with the community so we can all work to help make sure Ben gets his Seven back. Pics to follow soon. In the meantime, here is Ben's description: "Grrr - someone stole my race trailer late Saturday night (June 20th). Worst part - we had an un-assembled Caterham inside. If anyone in the Denver area see the trailer or hears about anyone trying to sell an un-assembled Caterham please let me know. Was stored
  4. Derek Hill is around our age, Geoff! I think he'd be about negative 11 in that pic. Derek Bell on the other hand... and that does look like Goodwood ca. 1964...
  5. Sold! Thanks to those who have reached out with interest. We are taking orders for the next batch of kits for 2020 delivery -- get in touch for details: info [at] rockymountaincaterham [dot] com Fall 2019 pricing on all models has dropped $1,000 USD thanks to the GBP exchange rate.
  6. Email sent. This particular CSR is set up for Sierra casing, not the new MX5 box, so either a 5-speed T9 (ideally with one of the uprated gearsets) or Caterham 6 speed will work. Ohhhh, yes. Sky's the limit. 220bhp - 240bhp (the new 485 spec) is a tried and true recipe but 280+ bhp also possible. It includes full windscreen, half doors, and boot cover, along with wipers, turn signals, horn (sorry I missed this in the description, now added). Full hood and sidescreens not included in this kit but no problem to add those as options. Alas, no spare tire provision...
  7. Edit: SOLD Here’s a special one: one of, if not THE last remaining unbuilt CSR kits in the States. Though it’s possible to order a new CSR chassis, it’s on a special-order basis, meaning a 1+ year wait starting from the very back of the queue. We were saving this kit for a rainy day (er, perhaps several) to build up into the ultimate modern Seven: a proper touring motorcar that crosses mountain ranges in a day, yet can show up at the track and hurl humble pies at the 911 GT3 guys. Alas, with several new kit builds incoming, we need to free up the operating theater at our shop for act
  8. I was asked, so to clarify: the knob is unthreaded and is a "fits all" design that uses grub screws to tighten the knob onto the gear lever shaft, and then the base ring screws onto the knob. So M8-M12 levers work no problem, as does the 3/8 UNC (found on most T9 levers) and thread pitch is no issue. http://www.usa7s.net/vb/attachment.php?attachmentid=15638&stc=1
  9. Brand new OMP Formula Quadro steering wheel + shift knob set. Steering wheel is 250mm diameter, flat bottom, red suede. Super high quality -- suitable for formula cars as well as sprucing up and racer-a-fying Sevens. $200 shipped (CONUS) for both. http://www.usa7s.net/vb/attachment.php?attachmentid=15622&stc=1
  10. Decided to dig a little bit more: Woody Adams' car sold on eBay in 1/2015: https://www.ebay.com/itm/221357821362?ViewItem=&item=221357821362 The EP Caterham on Wire Wheel has a sticker on the rear panel indicating it passed through the shop of Angry Sheep Motorsports in Winchester, VA thereafter. Visiting ASM's Facebook page shows this car, getting the current cage getting fabbed in, with photo dates of October 23-24 2015: https://www.facebook.com/pg/AngrySheepMotorsports/photos/?ref=page_internal For reference, here is a pic of Woody Adams' #8
  11. ^^^ Jay is a photographer from here in Colorado (RMDiv), he wasn't driving in the race. The Wire Wheel car is almost certainly the Woody Adams car, with what looks to be a new cage and a wing color change. (It was bare aluminum with green wings before). It was on eBay circa 2015ish. The Caterham that tangled with the Miata toward the end of the 2009 Runoffs and had the big hit at the Kink was the green w/yellow Kevin Leigh car, no? The all yellow Caterham with the yellow cage was Rick Kosdrosky, IIRC.
  12. Many of you know about us at Rocky Mountain Caterham though some may not be aware that we have six new Caterhams coming in this summer (2019). Four of the current inbound Caterhams are currently spoken for, but we have two inbound chassis that are available as inventory kits, in addition to two that were part of the ex-Caterham USA stock. We will be building and maintaining two demonstrators, so that means we have two kits available for immediate sale. Here is the first one we want to tell you about; stay tuned for more. * * * * * Brand new Caterham 310 S. June 2019 factory buil
  13. Can't go wrong with any of these options. Several notes/observations: + An S pack is still an excellent trackday car. Not as hard edged as an R pack, but for occasional trackdays it is still highly-suited to the task. + When in doubt with what power you want to start with, you can always start with less power and upgrade later. Especially with a Duratec. Part of the fun of 7 ownership for many is upgrading along the way. + The 6-speed box has been discontinued as of January 2019. It's all MX5 5-speed across the range now, except for the 6-speed Sadev sequential in the 620 R. So
  14. There are a couple of great Series 2 vintage racers on the market at present: http://www.race-cars.com/carsales/lotus/1557321710/1557321710ss.htm Craig Chima's car, super trick & ultra quick (2:29s at Road America... holy smokes!) https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/rmvr/for-sale-1966-lotus-super-7-t4492.html Longtime RMVR car. Local to me and I can vouch for the seller -- I'd be happy to assist anybody interested in it. (No affiliation with either car).
  15. Big love for that rat-rod Birkin on eBay. Somebody's gonna get a DEAL.
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