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  1. As someone who has spent more than three decades selling Japanese industrial products in the US, selling American industrial products in Japan and being the President of a Japanese subsidiary, I look forward to the rigor the new owners can bring to Caterham's engineering, manufacturing and inventory control functions. Finally there may be a decent build manual.
  2. I must be losing my mind ... I saw a posting form the NY Caterham dealer several hours ago, he included the press release. The posting is gone now
  3. Hi Mike, I've been on hold for a couple hours with an airline trying to make a reservation to bring our dog back from the Big Island to UT. I've been killing the time watching Sabine videos. I can't imagine how thankful you must feel to have actually been personally been taught the fast way around the Ring by this amazing woman. What a great experience. Jim
  4. Please open the bidding for that shirt😀
  5. On the Big Island it’s my wife’s 2003 Land Cruiser, it’s got 183K miles and running strong. In UT it’s my wife’s 2020 BMW X5. The 2020 420R is there patiently waiting for our return this Spring.
  6. As usual, Croc has summarized very clearly, making excellent points. I’ll throw in a recommendation for Josh Robbins of Rocky Mountain Caterham. I could not be more happy with support. Enjoy the search for your 7. Happy New Year, Jim
  7. Hasegawa-san Thank you for sharing these beautiful images, it really makes me miss Japan! When I lived there in early 2000s, one of my favorite day drives was from our apartment in Hiro-o to Hikone. I didn’t have my Caterham with me, but my company car was a Mitsubishi EVO Wagon; certainly not a 7 but still lots of fun in the mountains around the hot springs. Thanks for reminding me of that fun time. Jim
  8. Received my license plates today! DMV here in UT is pretty flexible, no safety inspection, no smog except in counties with larger cities. I called DMV they sent someone to my house for the VIN inspection at a time convenient for me. I assumed they would attach a VIN plaque, but instead said we could use the Caterham serial number. Drove to 30 minutes to DMV, waited 10 minutes, paid my fees and left with license plates. From the time the inspector pulled into my driveway to walking out with plates (including drive time) was 2 hours.
  9. The car is in So UT, about 15 miles from AZ border.
  10. Josh and Ross Robbins delivered my new 420R last night, see pics. We all have our favorite colors, but for me this green looks so amazing in person; I could not be happier. I published the spec earlier, in the Last Crate from Dartford thread but we made a few changes during the build. The car now sports rear lighting courtesy of Just Add Lightness and a third brake light from the same source. I ordered the black hood latches from Redline Components too late for installation, but those will go on soon. I also added half doors from Thunder Sport and a full tonneau for good measure. Josh add
  11. I agree, the choices when I ordered my 420R last year were: *Road suspension pack *Sport suspension pack *Track suspension pack *Race dampers if I recall correctly from discussing with Josh Robbins, the Track suspension pack adds 2 radius arm links. Josh is delivering my car tomorrow night!
  12. Atterbud, I suggest you try to sit in an SV, even better if you can try one that does not have the seat mounted yet. If you can fit in the chassis, it a relatively easy fix to make a foam in place seat that will fit you perfectly. The SV, with lowered floors, is a lot more roomy than the regular chassis you raced in the UK. Jim
  13. A little update on my car’s progress ... I flew to Denver today for suspension tuning, as the car is nearing completion. I am very fortunate that Josh is able to use Nathan Down to set up the suspension for customers. For those that don’t know, Nathan is a former Caterham Engineer, in fact he drove the chassis and suspension development for the SV chassis, along with a bunch of other important engineering programs. Since my car is an SV, who better to dial it in. My car is a 420R, with only an aero screen, lowered floors, leather seats, no heater and wiper motor delete. For those who are
  14. I remember seeing a 7 for sale in HI a few years ago. Are there any 7s currently registered in HI? Thanks, Jim
  15. Josh, Has there been any update on the stolen trailer? Jim
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