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  1. It was about 50 degrees F and clear yesterday, so I went for a short ride: https://www.relive.cc/view/vPv4yKYg43O Relive is a fun app for sharing drives, hikes runs; there is a free version, but it does not let you edit the movie after it's created. I subscribed to the paid version ($39/year) so that I can edit out the maximum speed that is automatically calculated and shown (exact location).
  2. Be very careful, this is most likely a scam. I lost $13k last summer booking a condo in Park City. This ad is very similar the way the condo scam was written, including the out of the country phrase. In my case the scammer spoofed VRBO site very professionally.
  3. Although I prefer my Caterhams with no weather equipment (in fact no windshield), in Japan I would occasionally see a Caterham with a hardtop. Here is a picture of two such cars at the annual New Years car meet at the famous Daikoku PA. Because space is so hard to find in large cities, car meets are often held in large parking areas or parking garages. I once attended a Lotus owners meting at the Haneda Airport parking garage, the owners rented a meeting room in the terminal and had a guest speaker from ReVerie Carbon Fiber give a talk. Here is link to the story that includes the picture of the hardtop Caterhams: http://www.speedhunters.com/2022/01/ringing-in-the-new-year-at-daikoku-pa/
  4. Mike, My expense budget didn't allow for the Conrad, but parking lot always had cool cars on Sunday afternoons.
  5. Wow, I remember vising Chris Custer in 1988 to drive a rotary powered and a Toyota 4 cylinder powered car. The rotary car was really incredible in terms of HP (for 1988).
  6. I suggest the choice for the center mirror should to take into account your height, the view out the back over/under the roll bar and the ability to see passenger side front wheel. I ordered my SV 420R with aero screen, lowered floors, FIA roll bar and S seats. I'm 6'3 and the standard SPA mirror blocked the passenger side front wheel. I had a friend fabricate an extension to the center mirror, see attached. Function over form.
  7. Here are a couple of references: https://classiccarbon.co.uk/products/grp-half-doors https://westermann-motorsport.com/en/produkte/half-doors https://www.caterhamlotus7.club/forum/chitchat/carbon-fibre-half-doors-0
  8. I ordered mine from Oxted for my SV. I use them quite a lot to help with buffeting and reducing the stones that come into the car. I don't use them much in the summer due to the ambient heat temperatures. If I was doing it again, I might look into some of the third party CF half doors. Jim
  9. For example: https://caterhamparts.co.uk/switches/4410-inertia-switch-ford-sigma-duratec-engines.html?search_query=INERTIA+SWITCH+BYPASS+PLUG&results=177
  10. Chris, Check with Josh Robbins, I'm pretty sure he has some in stock. Jim
  11. Hi Tbone, I agree most people think of bead seats as not very attractive. I don't track my car; but on both of my previous S3, I built a "foam in place" seat bottom, not a bead seat. The car was so tight for me (6'4" 220 lbs) that I didn't need the seat back. Below is a picture of the covered seat cushion. As I said, I didn't use beads I used this product: https://www.sunmatecushions.com/pages/liquid-sunmate-foam-in-place-seating My current car is an SV, with lowered floors and leather seats. Although the seats are pretty comfortable, I am just beginning the process to build a new seat cushion. I am not trying to change your mind, but thought I would post this here so that in the future if someone is searching the site for seat options, they will find this info. Good luck in finding your perfect seat.
  12. I am a big believer in foam in place seating for the driver at least
  13. If you go with Redline, plan to be patient. There are recent postings on BlatChat that Chris is moving his store and as a result is slower than normal to respond.
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