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  1. That's a great idea. I have inadvertently hit the key with my knee in autocrosses and shut off the ignition. The first time I thought my engine had died, I don't need the steering lock and moving the ignition switch away from my right knee will give me peace of mind.
  2. I got some really cool goggles that fit over my glasses and inside my "antique" helmet.
  3. Ouch! My primary use of the Brooklands is going to at autocrosses where I like the reduced wind resistance. We AX on a former military airfield and our courses are long and fast, officially maxed out at 60 mph, but on my Boxster S I have managed to hit the rev limiter in 2nd, which happens at over 70 mph. On any longer trip the windscreen and side screens go on. It takes just 10-15 minutes to reconfigure the car. I am amazed that your windscreen didn't collapse into your lap. The four bolts that hold the stanchions are only help by the skin. I can see that i
  4. Yes, forgot to mention that. The front license plate lives in the "trunk" with a set of tie wraps. "Officer, the plate just fell off and I have it right here ready to put on again!"
  5. I put the wind screen on for inspection!
  6. I wore my regular glasses for this run, but will buy a real set of goggles.
  7. I got my Brookland screens and a convex rear view mirror fitted and took SUPER 7 our for a short blat, including highway driving up to 90 MPH to see how tolerable/intolerable it would be. Pleasantly surprised! I made the mistake of driving through a puddle as I pulled off the road.
  8. Get the Tony Weale book "LOTUS SEVEN Restoration, Preparation, Maintenance. It has wiring diagrams. I don't know whether the diagrams in the book are copyrighted, so I cannot post them here.
  9. I didn't have trouble either. What a cool, old geezer! I loved it when he was rummaging through his boxes looking for the prop shaft!
  10. It is actually easier to remove the manifold with the carbs attached from the head. The carb to manifold nuts are very hard to get at and have to be torqued exactly right. All the manifold to head nuts can be easily accessed with a socket extension. Don't forget to partially drain the coolant!
  11. Ouch, you don't want loose pieces of metal floating around in the transmission oil. It is bound to end up in the gears or synchromesh!
  12. I drop mine down to the floor instead of trying to lift it out.
  13. Great video. A bit long, so I had to do it over 3 sittings! The last 1/3rd is race videos and can be skipped/
  14. HMS Motorsports in Danvers: https://www.hmsmotorsport.com/ Anker
  15. I have wondered about that myself. It will work really well of the fill plug hole is visible from above. Then it will be easy to fill to the bottom of the plug.
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