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  1. Look up Sevens and Elans, owned by Chris Tchorznicki in St Augustine. He has built, serviced and supported Caterhams for many, many year. He built my Supersprint in 1987.
  2. The car is supposed to have some rake. It does look a bit extreme, but you need to measure the ride heights front and back to confirm. Anker
  3. I don't believe different compounds front and rear are a good solution to this issue. You are likely to get big variations in brake bias as the brakes heat up and cool down. A much better solution is to do a proper installation of two brake master cylinders, one for the front and the other for the rear connected by a brake bias adjustment bar. With that you can set a brake bias that works for you and get predictable behavior.
  4. 280 miles. From my home in Stow to Lime Rock Park and back. The trip went well except for one issue that I was prepared for. I knew that my clutch master cylinder was slowly failing. I needed to top up the reservoir every now and then. As insurance I brought all the fluids. On the return trip, 20 miles from home, I had to stop at a stoplight and I was not able to get the car into 1st gear without pumping the clutch pedal. I pulled into a parking lot, filled up the reservoir and made it home with no further incident. The next day I ordered a new clutch master cylinder. Anker
  5. Anker


    My 7s site crapped out on me sometime Friday. I have not received any mail since then. I am trying to piece it back together.


    What was the last thing you received form me?



    Michael D


    1. Anker


      Hi Michael,


      The one where you replied to Me saying that I'll call you if we can stop at your place on our way home.



  6. I am in Stow, MA and have an S3. It is on jackstands right now, but you can sit in it. The problem is that I am going to spend the month of February in Florida, so it will be 5 weeks minimum before we can arrange it.
  7. Link to my T-9 here:


    Link to Brookland screens and Clams here:


    Call me if interested. 301-332-7610


    Michael Dougherty

  8. MichaelD, My apologies for not calling yesterday. I was busy getting ready for the blizzard that is raging outside right now. I will be leaving tomorrow morning and will not have time to determine exactly what gearbox I currently have in the car to verify that I can use the one you are selling. So if another opportunity shows up to sell it don't worry about me. Anker
  9. Great link that you sent. Let me see if I can call you tomorrow. Any specific good times to call? Anker
  10. How about the T-9? I will be driving through MD late February and can pick up. Price? Wear? Anker
  11. I went through the listing. A really interesting car in perfect shape! I wish I had more garage spaces, only four spaces under roof.
  12. 1600 or 1700 cc? I have a Supersprint. The length is critical because the total length of the intake from the valve to the end of the trumpets controls the RPM at which the resonance enhances torque/horsepower. Anker
  13. A lot of Caterhams used Girling master cylinders. Try to remove yours and see if it is a Girling. They are available from a lot of places. Anker
  14. Yes, the one on the car is much more rounded and Ford-looking. The previous owner bought is when the original got holed. He decided to have the original fixed instead of replacing it, so this is a spare. Given that you are just looking for a spare I think I will keep it. I suspect is better baffled than the Ford one to prevent oil starvation in high G situations. Anker
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