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  1. I'm probably a weirdo, but when at car shows I tend to gravitate to the low riders, rat rods and other more creative endeavors. To me these kind of builds have an artistic quality that makes me happy.
  2. I reached out to Jack Webb in 2020 about the same part and learned he can't sell into the US market because of UK product liability law.
  3. I'll ask the obvious as I excel at that, fluid filled gauge, or was one at one point?
  4. Not sure which looks more odd, those Caterham's or the Corvette.
  5. That is a little disturbing, it looks like it bent at the weld.
  6. When I read your first post I assumed you were getting the engine speed from the ECU and that is how you knew that the tach was wrong. Maybe get a copy of Easimap and the proprietary cable and see what the ECU is reporting compared to the tach?
  7. Long shot, but don't suppose someone has a Superlight cage for a metric SV chassis they would like to sell?
  8. I've had good luck with rivet removal using a tool: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005VR2L3Q/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1. As for the bit of the rivet that winds up in the tubing, I'd recommend Waxoyl.
  9. Speedy recovery @Bonjo2. Really happy to hear you will have a full recovery.
  10. I was a jack stand guy, so no help with regard to rollers but am excited to learn of another Caterham in the Seattle area!
  11. Hi Bruce. I don't recall if you have a S3 or SV chassis, but if the latter than I'm told there is no Caterham option for just the side impact bar for the LHD cars. The only option for side impact with a SV chassis in LHD is the Superlight cage. I believe there is an option for the S3 chassis, but haven't confirmed with absolute certainty.
  12. I'll pull the bonnet off of my car to confirm, but I believe the answer is nothing
  13. @Vovchandr, I admire your fortitude having somehow avoided over-night shipping for so long. What self-discipline I might have had in that regard got lost somehow while assembling a Caterham.
  14. I've got roughly a centimeter clearance to the pulley and the alternator. I'm with wemtd, rotate the rack forward. The column, joint and shaft should form a straight line. Exhaust looks great! They will look even better with a little heat patina Have you plumbed the sump yet? I found it a head-scratching ordeal trying to figure out how best to route the hoses.
  15. Looks super clean. More pics please!
  16. Well... besides rotating the pump handle to find the ideal angle, which seems to vary from pump to pump, what I'm doing is using a narrow funnel. My particular funnel came with a Ford pickup as an adapter when using a can instead of a pump because of the flapper valve in the neck.
  17. Ah, good memories. Other solutions to the lack of clearance between the rollover bar cross member and the shoulder harness bolt include putting the bolt in upside down with a nut on top, or cutting the bolt shorter. I went for the latter. Funny that the build manual just doesn't say put the harness in before the bar, or for that matter Caterham could just put shorter bolts in the fastener pack. I wonder about the De Dion tube centering, exactly how critical it is. Like you I went to the effort to get it within a washer, but I swear it moves a little back and forth. I recently measured again, determined it must have moved, disassembled and reassembled, and wound up with the same number of washers on both sides. Maybe I'm just losing my mind, I dunno, but I suspect there is some play. Thanks for the updates. If you can swing it those of us living vicariously would love pictures too!
  18. Given you are stuck between a rock (NY) and a hard place (MD), is there a state where you can get it titled as a model year 2000 and then get the MD title?
  19. @yellowss7, thanks, I've explored the custom option a little bit too, but am hoping to get something with a certification sticker. I reached out to Caterham for a third time, but now with pictures of Grog's car, and the nice bloke I'm in touch with has said he is going back to his engineering group with the pictures as they are telling him there are no side impact bars for the SV (except those that are part of the Superlight cage). I suspect that Grog has the Academy cage, and for whatever reason it isn't being offered as an option for my needs (cage with side impact bars and front hoop that accommodates a windscreen in addition to the aeroscreen). My backup option is the Superlight cage, and swapping between the cage and my Trackday bar for road use (which sounds like a real PIA).
  20. @Grog, that is what I thought, thank you. Sorry if my questions seem a little inane, but I've been in contact with Caterham and have an email which very clearly states that side impact bars are not available for the SV chassis. So you have a cage that is between the Trackday and the Superlight, and with bolt on side impact bars, what I've been looking for but Caterham denies exists I'll reach out to Rick to see what this mysterious animal is called.
  21. Thank you @Grog. This is both interesting and confusing. I've researched all of the options for a cage, or at least I thought I had. What you have looks like a Superlight with the double D's, and a Trackday with the front hoop and no side impact bars. I don't suppose you have any information on the cage, maybe what Caterham called it on the build sheet?
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