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  1. I'd like to try some slicks at an auto cross.  What brands might you recommend?

    1. Davemk1


      Hello - I think you'll find that a true bias ply road race slick (not a DOT street legal radial tire) will give the best grip for a light car like a Seven. Some like to use a Hooiser A7 but I find them to be way too heavy and stiff for the weight of the car. The Hoosier A7 is a street legal tire and has steel belts and it so stiff that it's hard to lower the air pressure enough to work well. They were designed to work with a car at least twice as heavy as a typical Seven.

      So I would look for a bias ply slick....much lighter and more supple and huge grip. Hoosier makes some good road race slicks but they don't last very long and dry out and get hard. I have found that Avon makes the best tire but they are spendy. I found them to be worth the cost because they last a long time and grip well through their life where the Hoosiers fall off a lot over time.

      I get my Avons from Roger Kraus racing - he's the Avon dealer in the USA.


      You can experiment with different tires buying used. It can be hard to know how much tire life is left but they are much cheaper. John Berget is the guy for used race slicks.

      I hope that helps.



    2. johncg1


      Thanks Dave.  Had a nice call already with Roger Kraus.  

    3. Davemk1


      very good.


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