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  1. First, I strongly suspect you can't go wrong. You'll have a stupid grin no matter what. I don't know how helpful this will be, but here is the analysis I ran through when making my choice last month. First, I am coming from a high hp Cobra, so my main fear was having too little grunt via the Sigma. But talking with a few folks and reading a lot made me think the Duratec may not get me what I wanted: more pedal to the floor, high rev fun. At least not on the mountain runs I love. So then the choice was 270 vs 310. My fear was that I would yearn for more power quickly, and I understand
  2. That's funny / awesome Sean. Great advice from all. Thanks for your thoughts.
  3. Yoram, I am in Atlanta and may be a few weeks ahead of you in the process. I have had a great experience with Josh Robbins at Rocky Mountain Caterham so far. He has a 310r himself and gave me great perspective on questions I had. I look forward to seeing what you do. And I'm happy to share my experience as I go along. Very exciting!
  4. Longtime lurker and, thanks to a few Atlanta locals and Rocky Mountain Catherham, current allocation holder for a 310R. I'll test my wife's patience by building the car at home, hopefully next fall/winter. To make room, I am selling my Factory Five MK4 Cobra replica if anyone wants to scratch that itch . . . . Question for folks that have darker colored Caterhams or that switched from a dark color to something bright: is the "buy bright so people see you" something that you personally can attest to? My order is for a Black Grey with Marigold triple stripes and a Graphite pinstripe.
  5. That would be great! I'll PM you. If you are in Roswell, you are right beside my home and office. Agreed on the British Car Fayre. I figured I would get to see a few different examples, but maybe next year.
  6. My friends and I have an annual golf trip to Hoover, but this year we postponed due to the COVID situation and my buddy's having his third child. I will definitely buzz you when we reschedule. Thanks for the offer!
  7. Longtime lurker here. I have a Factory Five "Cobra" now but have the bug to move on and build something. Thinking of a Caterham 310, 360, or 420. Anyone around Atlanta that would be willing to chat and show off their ride? Maaaaybe if I ask nicely, take me out on a ride? Hope everyone is hanging in there and doing well!
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