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  1. Hey Ron! I ended up a Mitchell & Whale for "black list" motorcycles - they were able to get insurance through AVIVA @ $2400/yr The next year it was complaint time about the rate and they managed to squeak it down to $1900/yr with AVIVA. Then the week we were going to go ahead with renewal June 2020 - they called to say ECONOMICAL had jumped in and where in the process of offering all us old guys with crazy fast bikes a decent deal - my rate, for simple liability, nothing much else became $675/yr. https://mitchellwhale.com Contact was: Lynd
  2. Hahaha! Small World! Like I need help spending money, if you know of a way I can make money with Se7ens please feel free to enlighten... I have a problem: Wheels, Wings and Engines... now you have my attention! Where is your place in Melbourne? We have stayed in St Kilda quite a lot, by the Marina and our daughter is in Mooroolbark at the moment. It is a very active hang gliding scene in the Melbourne Bay area - I spend a lot of time floating in good weather These pics were: Last winter in Portsea hang Gliding on the peninsula Blue T
  3. Croc, My daughter's family are in Melbourne We usually go to Gold Coast after visiting down there - Coolangatta has been our stomping ground for the last five years. Canadian 7 Not far at all... Superformance S1 sounds lovely and factory built? Hoping to get into it in the near future Need to get some normal and travel back in the plans Thanks for the speedy replies! Cheers
  4. Hi Guys, I was really impressed with the Stalkers after seeing the pricing on new Caterhams. We had a dealer right here in Pickering ONT but, the owner/operator left that business to be pit boss for his son's motorcycle racing team. I talked to the BC folks about the Hayabusa Canadian cars but, the main man has retired and I did not get any further. I am no longer in any kind of hurry to do either a Hayabusa based or LS3 based car... we have been upside-down around here with the plague and trying to get vaccines so we can travel. I may end up in
  5. Hi ALL, I just got back into Super Sevens due to a motorcycle allergy (sport bikes in Canada are/were stupid expensive to insure) I have a 2001 Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa and I found a bunch of Seven cars running the engine, turbo engine etc. Last spring my insurance dropped from $2400/yr to $650 - I like my bike again. I am getting old so, one day, I will be looking for a Seven to Hayabusa LHD for Canada or RHD for Australia (Long story) My Dad (RIP)was a car builder/engineer/architect and he really liked the Seven and Caterham cars. I enclosed PICs of his p
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