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  1. I’ll take a few pictures tomorrow and send to you. Other than these “ripples” my car is a very nice car! Thanks for responding!
  2. Graham, I am officially redirected, thanks for your input! Would a heat gun work or do I need a torch? Thanks
  3. My 7 has ripples in the aluminum caused by a prior owner placing the jack in the wrong place😡. You can buy these on eBay for $650.00, but I can’t justify the expense for a one-off project. If someone has one of these for sale way cheaper than eBay please let me know.
  4. MV8 That was what I thought, but wanted to be sure. The people on this forum are so helpful, thanks so much and thanks for the pictures!
  5. I broke my clutch cable last week and ordered a replacement unit from Caterham (UK). In addition to the broken clutch cable the clutch fork disconnected from the release bearing. My 7 (1984) has the Ford Super Sprint engine and four speed transmission. The engine and transmission are still in the car and I’m hoping I don’t need to remove these to reconnect the fork to the bearing. I don’t have access to a lift so it’s difficult to clearly see into the access hole to connect the fork and the bearing. Notwithstanding I was able connect the two, but I’m not sure if I’ve done this correctly. If someone could tell me 1.) do I need to remove the engine and transmission, 2.) if someone can advise how to properly reunite the fork and bearing without removing the engine or transmission. Pictures would be appreciated if you have any. Thanks in advance for looking and commenting.
  6. Hello, I was on the Burton site last night and I saw these two items. Thanks for the lead and thanks to all the other folks on USA7s for their help! Regards
  7. Hello fellow 7 owner! what are you asking for the T-9?
  8. My cable broke this morning so I’m in dire need of a replacement unit, measures approximately 67 inches, I have attached pictures for clarification. If you have this item please let me know as soon as possible, thanks for looking!
  9. Craig, I know this bar is sold, but are the DSK bars still available somewhere?
  10. Are the Brooklands screens street legal?
  11. These wheels were on a Caterham with a Ford Super Sprint engine and solid rear axle, definitely not DeDion. Cheers!
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