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  1. Thanks all, great info! Looking forward to driving a Seven!
  2. Hope all are doing well, Looking to source upper and lower radiator hoses for a 1979 Seven RHD with a Crossflow. Thx
  3. Some progress, brake lines made up & installed.
  4. Iamscoticus, Front calipers are GT-6. Car is a live axle with English Ford rear end. I did a rear disc conversion with a kit from Motorsport Tools that has Cosworth calipers. The car came with the original 13" K&N wheels, so caliper clearance / choices are limited. Won't know for sure until I drive it, but I believe the brake set up will be good. I do have a build thread, but I do need to get better at, find time for posting... V
  5. Toldfield, Ken at Dave Bean has been a huge help on my project. The uprights, axles, bearings, races, calipers, caliper brackets, brake shoes, bushings, and hardware all were recommended and sourced by him. His knowledge on these cars is incredible. The brake lines and AP racing m/c came from Cateram Vin
  6. I believe I found it at Moss Part # 560-480. Says tapered seat...
  7. MV8, Here are the brake lines installed. Glad to help with any questions. V
  8. MV8, Thanks for the reply. That will work, ordered it! I plumbed the system already, so rather than plug the hole, I figured I would hunt around for a solution. Google search turned up everything but what I needed, as is often the case. Thanks again, V
  9. Hope all are doing well. Installing the brake system in my 1979 Seven. Using a Hydraulic switch. The only ones I find have a 1/8 NPT (pipe) thread and the 3 way is a 3/8 bubble flare. The MG and spit drawings show the threading right into the 3 way. Not sure if this is correct or what needs to be used to seal it? ie washer, thread sealer, teflon tape etc? Any inputs appreciated. V
  10. Hope all are doing well. Looking for suggestions, cross reference, or part #'s for brake hose set for live axle Seven with Gt-6 front calipers? Any info greatly appreciated.
  11. Found it at Tony Ingrams. Thx for all the inputs!
  12. Thanks, did not know about Hpe or Vulcan. Will give them a try.
  13. Looking for a Double width timing chain tension paddle for a cross flow engine. Have the double width chain and sprockets, but double width paddle is unavailable from Burton, Pegasus, or any others I checked with. Any help appreciated. Vin
  14. Looking for a brake line routing diagram or pics for a 1979 RHD with a dual circuit master and cast bracket mount. I plan on using the hydraulic brake light switch since the post for it is on the frame. Any info or guidance greatly appreciated. Cheers, Vin
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