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  1. Not an expert on the Exocet by a long shot. If you remember, the reason I started the build was to bond with my kids. And that, we’ve done. Been a great experience this far.
  2. John, Thanks. My accident has been several years ago now (2015) and I’ve recovered quite well, all things considered. Still, to this day, the most amazing thing to me about my accident is how time seemed to slow down. When I think through the accident, it will take me about 30-40 seconds to process what happened. From the time the left front wheel assemble broke away from the car till the time the car came to a stop was 10 seconds. No gravel trap for me, just air. Today, I’m a full one inch shorter. I tell my wife that being shorter means I now have a lower center of gravity and therefore, I should be faster.
  3. Yes, we are overdue. With my current employment, Teterboro has become more of a pick up / drop off location. If we overnight in the northeast, it’s usually in Pittsfield, MA where the aircraft are based; no ramp fees, cheaper fuel, maintenance if needed. However, if a Teterboro overnight does come up, I’ll give you a shout.
  4. Aaah….you do know I can hear you, right?
  5. Hello, Croc. Suave here, answering on behalf of my master. As you know, xcarguy has been on sabbatical, building the Exocet with his offspring. It’s nice to know that you still hold him in such ‘high’ regards. You’ll also be surprised to know that xcarguy has taken up playing in the dirt once again. Yep, jumping off/over things (purposely now) and teaching his kids his bad habits. As for me these days? Well, let’s just say I’m sitting n the corner of the tool chest and awaiting our return to some track action….in time, I suppose. I managed to sneak a few of photos of what he’s been up to. TA TA for now.
  6. Suave has been locked away in the tool box during the transition. I just let him out and broke the news of the sell...he is not happy.
  7. Mike, it’s an Exocet build with the kids.Anderson really wanted to build one of these....can’t pass up the opportunity with the kids. When I move back into a Seven, I’m going to come over to the dark side and getting a Caterham.
  8. Yup....already been thinking about that.
  9. Thanks, Mike. New owner is a member here. I’ll let them announce when they wish.
  10. Car currently listed on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1964-Lotus-Super-Seven-Super-Stalker-Legacy-Chassis/164775066085
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