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  1. Talk about "no respect"..... And to think of the sacrifice it made to save your sorry butt from even wrose injury! Rocky was a nice touch for the end.
  2. Paul Hill

    Eddie Hill

    Hey Eddie... Belated birthday wishes....us Hillls have to stick together! I haven't been on this site in best part of a month so am a bit behind in my reading. What caught my eye was your notation of Decatur TX. We drove through last week on 380 while bypassing the Ft Worth/Dallas traffic. We were shocked with the amount of water on the service roads, even more so next day when we heard 380 was closed around Bridgeport! Guess we dodged a bullet as we hit the only rain free day last week. Anyway, here's to many more fast rides an birthdays. From a fan from WAY back....
  3. Fingers crossed for a silver lining to those dark clouds Shane. Hopefully you've gotten better at your landings, can get your gear down sooner!
  4. Can we bring this thread up to date? Anything new and startling to report? At this point I'm leaning toward a lawn tractor type battery.... DEKA have a 665 amp farm equipment battery at Lowes for $76.91
  5. Shane...you've been watching too many Austin Powers movies!
  6. Dave: Curious about the discoloration of the nose in the 1st picture....
  7. Thanks Bob. My problem didn't arise from spray, the motor home was parked for the winter outside my shop. But the local highway people lace the intersection with so much salt that you can actually taste it in the air, carried the 300' by the prevailing west winds and deposited on my shiny aluminum. While the bra is a great idea for the lower doors I will have to find a plan B for all the perimeter extrusions, or at least the corners. The other issue that is on the opposite side of the coach is the 125 gal aluminum fuel tank that is also subject to salt dust. Europa....I'm not sure
  8. Thanks Bob. I thought I remembered a previous thread that told that but my memore has been known to fail me on occasion. I bought polished aluminum sheets to fab the doors so I too had a base to start from. As built they weren't bad. My issue surfaced after salt dust from our proximity to the only major intersection in town and the ice prevention our highway dept mentioned used. I've been on that corner for over 40 yrs and never noticed it ever that bad other years. I got a buddy that polishes truck tanks/wheels to give it a going over.... 3 days for 4 guys later it looked great, at a pr
  9. Bob: Have to admit to a soft spot for the polished aluminum look, am hoping to have a similar look once we get Rosemarie's early Cat on the road. Meanwhile I'd love to hear your secrets to making and keeping the shine. I made the doors for the storage bays of our motor home with aluminum and am struggling to maintain the shine. Luckily the areas are flat, just large at 30' long x 30" high...on both sides plus 8' across the rear. Thanks
  10. Just as well Shawn, it probably wouldn't fly any better than the Storker!
  11. At the very least I bet a change of underwear was required....
  12. Or maybe he should start slow with a 5 hp Briggs? To be honest I'm surprised Robin allows him to use sharp tools unsupervised!
  13. This road was on our bucket list for years before we finally were able to enjoy it. For years our trips through the region were of the "drive til you drop" kind getting our 2 sons to or from a shifter kart race somewhere in the south, the motor home and 32' race trailer hardly a conducive mode of transport through tunnels! Our opportunity finally came a few years ago when we bought a '95 BMW convertible from a buddy in Florida. So we decided to pack the trip as full as we could... Tail of the Dragon to start, Biltmore Estate, Mt Mitchell, as well as the entire Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyl
  14. Hope all are safe on high ground. Shane...maybe the Houston transfer should have included a rubber dingy?
  15. Be careful Shane.... What are you going to do with the junk you're hoarding after you get spoiled with driving a REAL Seven? Scrap isn't worth much these days.....
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