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Azealia Banks playboy interview

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I do believe this fits into the controversy part of the forum. To be honest I'm not sure what she thinks she will accomplish with the BS she is spewing. As a white guy. The only thing I can offer to anyone of another race, Is to treat them as if race didn't exist. Yes our history was rife with racism and it still exists. But not to the degree that it was even 50-60 years ago. If Dr. Ben Carson can get to where he is from where he started. (Dr. Carson came from a very poor single parent family & had problems in his youth). So if he can turn it around, Then every black American can do the same. But this constant barrage of "we need to exact revenge" Then we can talk about an even playing field will not work. If one wants to see what a get revenge society will net you. Just look at the tribal parts of the middle east and Africa. Hows the millennias long idea of an eye for an eye worked out for them.

Miss Banks has stated that the US should pay reparations in the amount of 100 trillion dollars to blacks in America. Sounds like she was just making up numbers on that one as I'm sure she has no comprehension of just how much 100 trillion is. I can't recall having heard such a blatantly racist rant like Miss Banks.

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