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Club Seeks Northeast Regional Coordinator(s)

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When we were the acting slate of Club Officers, Mazda, Jerry, and I discussed that while national-scale meets are great (it was fun, wasn't it!!!) and all — for the club to capture the momentum of 7-7-7 and keep going, it is important to hold smaller regional events every so often. And to publicize and document them here. This way people can see the cars and people and make sure to attend future events within driving distance.


To that end, we're looking for some volunteer coordinators to take on the task of working within the geographic regions defined here. If you are interested, simply speak up here. Some folks expressed an interest over the weekend and we hope they are able to follow through.


The current collective wisdom is to try and have a national level meet every OTHER year, with larger regional meets in between. So perhaps 2009 we'll be back at the Dragon or somewhere else, and in 2008 have a number of regional meets that draw a dozen or more cars each.


I'm going to post this in all the regional sections now, and hopefully people can run with it.



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