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Should we try for another "national" scale meet on 7-7-17?

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i would imagine it would be best to try to have the event at some time that is NOT the beginning of july. perhaps in the cooler months (may/june, sept/oct) if this is going to happen on the east coast. this would help to not mess with the njmp track day which is already a great success. low turnout on the 4th at njmp may hinder future events there.

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If you want to hold it in conjunction with our Track day then it of course means that it would have to jive with our date. Our date the past two years has been July 1. We have not guarantee that it will be the same next year as we have requested a 2 day event next year. It really is not up to us. It is up to the Glen. We TAKE what they offer.


I don't really care when you want to hold it. My only conflict would be with whenever LOG is that particular year.

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The "old" SCCA track in Topeka, KS is pretty centrally located. I'm not sure of any "twisties in the Heartland, tho. The "Safety R's and R's" might be rather prohibitive for some, too.



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I am a bit pessimistic about a real "national" meet. As long as I am not retired, anything much east of the Rocky Mountains is really out of reach and there are few other West Cost Seven owners who are into touring anyway.



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Maybe I'm crazy here, but why not have a week (or two?) long trip that covers a loop of the US? If done right it would allow people to join for whatever portion of the entire trip he or she desired. People on the west coast could join in Texas, up through Washington, and as far east as they had time for. People on the East coast could join somewhere in the NE, run down to Florida, and as far west as they had time for. Others could join for the few days that the group was running through their city/state/ect. If we created a map of the big route and let people make commitments to the legs they could join then we could see if there would be any gaps. So long as we had a few soldiers that did the full (or groups of halves/quarters) we should be able to hold a relatively epic even w/o forcing people to over commit. Every person could join for the range they had the capacity for.


We could even choose regional leaders to pick the best route for their area. This would help ensure linkage between areas so long as the leader joined for more than their city. In my opinion (coming for almost no actual experience so feel free to shoot me down) the only way to make things like this work is to take what people can give comfortably (in terms of time) and find a way to link it together. We just don't have the huge Miata following to make an event in one region. Fortunately we have a group that likes to drive!


Personally I'm a fan of the saying "go big or go home".


Cannonball 7777?


Do you think we could hit them all (lower 48 only): http://www.mensjournal.com/expert-advice/americas-most-thrilling-roads-20130701





This exercise has demonstrated to me how bad Bing maps is, but unfortunately google only allows 10 destinations.

Cannonball 7777.pdf

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Maybe I'm crazy here.....Do you think we could hit them all (lower 48 only.....


Not crazy and definitely an epic trip but (in my experience) a bit optimistic. If this was the Porsche club you would likely get a number of people to do that. But with the very limited number of Seven owners There are not that many who can or want to take more than a week off.


The best I have seen was for the USA2005 tour (3 weeks) with 12 participants from the US but there was the draw of a large number (37) cars coming over from the UK. The Grizzly Bear Blat 2013 had maybe 10 cars with a handful from the UK.


I tried to pull off something similar with the PNW2007 tour which had at some point a list of 45 people interested but at the end it was 8 cars who did all or part of the 2-week tour. Actually, I like such a smaller group for a tour better. A larger crowd breaks up into smaller groups anyway. Other tours that I organized had 2 cars (Rocky Mountains 2009), 6-8 cars (Black Hills 2011) and 3 cars (BigSky2015).


I would guess for a national meet with a goal of most participants you must make it easy to attend and not do a long tour. But if you should ever organize one, let me know!:hurray:

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We did the Britishspeed Trip a few years ago and are doing another one in one month (Virginia/Atlanta to Colorado Springs and the back). It was (and is) based on the idea... a moving caravan, join where you want. This creates some challenges that can be overcome with good planning.


Our first trip was great and I would recommend something like it and would certainly consider participating again. My suggestion for a trip again would be:


Start at the southeast... Atlanta GA, pull in cars from NC, SC, FL. Drive to Tail of the Dragon. Gatlinburg TN. Oak Ridge TN. Tour museum. Bowling Green KY. Tour Museum. Indianapolis. Chicago. Start Route 66 at the Bean. Stop at Autobahn. St Louis (Arch, Chain or Rocks bridge. Meramec Caverns. Springfield. Carthage. Oklahoma City. Amarillo. Cadillac Ranch. Meteor Crater. Painted Desert. Winslow AZ. Grand Canyon. Route 66 to Los Angeles. Highway 1 to Sam Simeon, Big Sur, Monterey/Carmel, 17 mile drive. San Francisco. Napa. Avenue of the Giants. Eureka. Crater Lake Oregon. Portland. Columbia River Gorge. Mt St Helens Washington. Snoqualmie. Seattle. Whidbey Island. Ferry to Victoria. Vancouver. Idaho. Montana. Yellowstone. Mount Rushmore. Minn. WI. UP Michigan. Detroit, Greenfield Village, Ford Museum, Buffalo and Falls. Pennsyvlania. NC/SC and complete the loop.


Ambitious? Perhaps. Perhaps too much.


One idea may be to just do Sevens on SixtySix.





And just do Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles. I was actually thinking of organizing a Route 66 trip in 2016 if there was enough interest.

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Yes, a moving caravan is a much better way to describe what I had in mind. This way you only need 2-4 people that really do the full loop (or opposite halves), but each person can do the portion they are comfortable with.


We would just need to classify participants into something like:

- Critical: Regional leader to link quarter/halves, you can count on me

- Committed: Keys are in a safety box and 7 is ready to go

- Tentative: I can probably sneak out of the house, but my keys aren't hidden from the wife

- Unlikely: Wife took the keys, but maybe I can find them

- Not 'gunna happen: Keys are gone and/or 7 is in pieces



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