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How many pounds-your car?

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The Fisher Fury got on the scales today-1400 pounds even-full tank. My last DSK/YBM 7 was 1300 pounds-There is a Factory Five 818 on BAT , 1900 pounds-the Polaris slingshot 3 wheeler is 1700+.


I use as many alloy parts as I can-lugnuts, hubs, steering rack, radiators, driveshaft, diff carrier, Head, transmission case, brake calipers, wheels gauges,-the car was a special lightweight special-I was hoping for less than 1300.


What I read in the books is that Series 1 sevens were less than 1000 pounds-I don't know if that's true.


Anyone wish to share there numbers?





Kevin Kearney




Touched 200 miles today 7 grand shifts, dyno tune next week at MACH 5 in Sterling Va.

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As soon as I got my '06 Caterham 7 Roadsport (DeDion), I took it to the State Police scales out 50. Mine is 1320lbs, with a full fuel tank. I'm anxious to see what some Caterham Superlights weigh!


--Bob Collum

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I weighed my scratch built car a couple years ago. I put it on the pallet scale here in my warehouse. It was about 1500 lbs with a full tank (8 gallons) and no driver.


Dyno'd 130hp so not quite 10lbs per horsepower. I need more power!!! :) Or I need to lose weight.... :(

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My '03 Caterham "Superlight" weighs 1390lbs (I may have to start hanging out w/the Stalker boys:)). I have a full cage, 26 gallon fuel tank that was maybe 1/2 full. Also a fire suppression system with bottle and an Accusump system, all of which adds a bit of weight.My '98 Xflow weighed abt 1250 lbs, empty, my '09 Birkin was abt 1150 lbs.

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The Baby 7 weighed in at 187 lb on the corner weight scales at FM. I weigh more than the car. :D Power to weight ratio is in the 150 lb/hp range when I am in it.


The 2004 Caterham 7 SV weighed in at 1,360 lb with a half tank of gas. The only carbon fiber on it are the two little whiskers on the sides of the nosecone. The turbocharger and all its related systems probably added 50 - 100 lb. Power to weight ratio on this car is 4.5 lb/hp depending on how much boost I am running. Its a little quicker than the Baby 7. :jester:

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My Caterham Classic with a x/flow and T9 5-spd was ~1150lbs when I weighed it some years ago for NY registration. I don't recall how full the tank was, figure around 1/2.



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My Yellow 2000 Superlight with the Rover K series and MB magnesium wheels, came in at 1162 lbs when I had it corner weighted. Now with the full cage, probably a bit more.


I don't know what my Orange Sumo Version weighs. But with all the carbon that the prior owner put on it, it might be a negative number. :smilielol5:

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My '62 Series 2:

960 Lbs



full tank of fuel

1340cc 109e Cosworth

twin Weber DCOE 40s

original brass radiator

roll bar

group 24 size battery

comlete gauge set

full windshield



Electric fan

"bench" seat

no heater

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Ever wonder why it is that none of us fat a$$, over weight Storker owners NEVER join in on these minimal subjects? We're big, okay?...There, you happy now? Bunch'a frick'n light weights. :jester:

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2007 Caterham Series 3 "Executive Superlight" with 250 hp 2.3 Cosworth Duratec and 6-speed transmission: 1380 lb. without gasoline.


(Nathan Down didn't dub it the "Executive Superlight" for nuthin').

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