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San Antonio sevens?

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I'm a few hours north in Dallas. Scott's brother, Jason, has an AXR in Austin, I think. Shane may still be in Houston.


And if you didn't already know, San Antonio is only 1 hr from the Three Sisters.


Hey, Brit. No longer in Houston following all the job cuts at Murphy. I'm unemployed and back in El Dorado. But I still have the Storker and am knee-deep into the build (just on hold for right now...something about having a job). Anyway, once I get this job thing sorted out and the car back together, perhaps we can all get together and have a Stalker fest at Cresson.

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Just wandering who's around that area. I'll be leaving California for SA shortly. The stalker is coming shortly thereafter.




You coming to SA for a long-term stay?



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I wrote it up here: http://stalkercars.forumotion.com/t47-texas-laws#91


TX has a pretty comprehensive Title & Registration handbook here: http://txdmv.gov/reports-and-data/doc_download/703-motor-vehicle-title-manual


Successfully obtaining my 'Custom Vehicle' designation (refer to handbook) and subsequent lack of any required annual inspection still boggles my mind, but it's legitimate (thanks likely due to do the SEMA lobby). Plus, I just completed my renewal online, which is great since I had been wondering if the unusual/rare nature of the Custom Vehicle designation might force me to renew in-person. From where I sit, the State got this one correct :)


I'm happy to help if you get stuck at any point.

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Thanks, TD. I just called the tax office and it sounds like I should be in luck. I am not sure how easy it'll be to get "custom" plates, but I don't care as long as I don't have to worry about emissions, which is only in a couple counties.

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Toedrag, when first registering, do you have to tow the car to weight station, inspection etc or is there some temporary tag available?


I towed mine since I never found an applicable form/permit to legally allow driving it to/from the weigh station.


When I registered and Titled my Westfield in TX, I got a temporary tag.


I received a temp tag (to use until real license plates arrived) only after completing registration & title, which was well after the visit to the weigh station. Are you saying that there is a form that allows you to drive the car before registration & title? If so, do you happen to have the form number? (I know of one, but it's only to be used during transfer of ownership, such as if I buy a car from a private party, they keep the license plates, and I drive back home without any plates)

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The first step was to pre-coordinate with the regional (not local) DMV office. Then, I had an appointment with the local Motor Vehicle Theft Division of the police, who come to your place rather than the other way around as they want to see your shop and decide you're not using stolen parts. After a short discussion, they decided it was a replica 1962 Lotus, rather than a 2014 Westfield. It could have gone either way. I think the insurance was next and they used the Westfield VIN and understood that might change (which it did and we corrected the insurance forms). Then I was at the tax office (not the local DMV) registering another out-of-state car as I was moving into TX at the time. I showed my paperwork so far and told the clerk I still needed to get weighed and inspected and asked what's the chance of getting a temporary tag for that? She said: "here you go..." I paid the temporary tag fee and left with a big smile.


It seems the clerks have some leeway to exercise judgement and I was the pinnacle of politeness.

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