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83 Donkervoort S7 for sale

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Well here we are again... Some 6+ years ago I purchased this gem through this site and I've loved the the car dearly but it is time for a new chapter.


I will post more later but needed to get this first step out of the way. Asking $25K but for the right owner I'll work with you as the previous owner did with me. Currently the car is in Alexandria VA and in good working order!




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Here was the advertisement that sold me... This was in 2009


83 Donkervoort For Sale


Hello, and thank you for your interest in my 1983 Donkervoort for sale. I bought this car a little over 4 years ago. The car has been a ton of fun. I have not driven it nearly as much as I would have liked to in the last 4 years. Which is why I am selling it. When I bought the car I was a single man, now I am married with children and the time is just not there. I believe this year I might have driven it 4 times and cars like this need to be driven. Some facts about the car. I am the third owner of the car. The guy I bought it from had just finished a complete rebuild of the car. He is a very skilled individual with aluminum as you can see from the picture. The work on the side draft air intake and the air exhaust in the aluminum nose cone was all done by hand. He decided to not use the clamshell fenders when he rebuilt the car but instead tried to make it

look a little more modern. I do have the original clamshell front fenders and the original fiberglass nose cone that is black. The front fenders have been the biggest problem on the car. The brackets are from something else that were modified. So there is a weld on the bracket where the fender meets the bracket that often gives. Since I live in the Denver area I am lucky to know Ben at Caterham USA. I just had the car up there to have some work done on it. We looked at putting a set of Caterham fenders on it. The Caterham fenders are a little narrower, but would look very good. It wouldn’t be that hard to make the fit. The cost would be around 500.00.

I had Ben fix the plumbing on the clutch. Prior there were alot of junctions’ in the line and it was leaking. Thankfully the whole car is

aluminum so it was not a big deal, but some of the brake fluid did drip into the floor board of the driver side and got on the powder coated frame and took the paint off. As I mentioned Ben fixed it up nicely and cleaned up the plumbing and put in a new master cylinder. What he did looks awesome with the steel braded lines.

When I bought the car I got it from a guy in Detroit Michigan. As I

mentioned he had just finished restoring it and had put about 500 miles on the car. When he got the car it only had 3000 miles on it. When I picked it up I came back to Denver CO. via St Louis so I could attend the Log 25. I was a great way to pick up a car. When heading back from St Louis to Denver right about the Colorado, Kansas border the speedometer quite working. Turn’s out there is a right angle drive that comes out of the transmission that had broke. I took the right angle drive to a local speedometer shop and attempted to have it fixed but to no luck. Just this year I ended up putting a VDO speedometer with a magnetic pickup instead of trying to mess with the original one. I just completed this

install this summer so the millage on the car is hard to tell for sure. If I had to guess it is well below 6,000 miles and probably below 4,000 miles. regret not fixing this sooner, but getting time to work on the car has always been a problem for me. So since the first owner only drove it 3K miles that means it has probably traveled more miles on a trailer then on a road. When I picked up the car I had a fellow member from the Lotus club with me in a rental car as an insurance policy to get the car home. Not only were we able to get the original clamsheel fenders and nose cone, but I also have boxes and crates of parts. I also have several binders of documentation on the car. I am hoping who ever buys the car is able to take all this history with it.

I had the top and a back window made for the car. I have the original full weather cover, but the prior owner told me it won’t fit anymore because of the roll bar. I also had a case made for the doors to keep them from getting scratched up in the back. I am not extremely knowledgeable about all the in’s and out of the engine. But this is what the prior owner listed about it and I have never messed with the engine.

Big Value Lotus Twin Cam, rebuild with “fast Road” cams and twin Dellorto carbs. Only the block and the connecting rods where not replaced in the rebuild. Cortina 4 – speed semi-close ration gearbox. Cortina 3.77 rear axle.


As mentioned the engine is a lotus twin cam, and yes it does leak oil. I have never had it looked at, I am just told that is a lotus twin cam. I just had the carbs rebuilt this year and it is running better then ever. I live near Denver so that is around 5500 ft of elevation. So depending on where you live you might have to have the carbs re-jetted. I am asking XXXXXXXX for the car. I will accept bank wire, cash or a combination. If you want to do a cashiers check it will need to clear my bank

for 7 days before the car leaves. Please feel free to call or email if you have any questions.

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let's talk bid-ness, I can't send a PM because I am a new member...


Does the engine still leak oil? Could we see a picture of the dashboard?


This is gorgeous and was getting "oohs" and "aahs" from coworkers today...

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