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1979 Original DSK Caterham

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This is a really nice, very original 1979 DSK Caterham that I purchased less than 2 months ago with the intent on putting a higher horsepower BDR 1700 cc engine in. As many on this forum know I am an "old school" guy, and am very picky about my cars and this car fit the bill for me. I purchased it from Mark Fortin in Massachusetts who is also a forum member, and over the several years that Mark owned the car, he poured closed to $7000 into various upgrades (I have all the receipts). In the time that I have owned it, I have installed a new Odyssey PC680 battery and aluminum cover, gone through the carbs, ignition system, brake system, done the camber and toe, and basically gotten the car so that it starts easily, drives great and is easy to enjoy (Mark just didn't drive it much over the last period of his ownership and it needed some attention).


As it sits, the car is a very solid 8+ out of 10 (and maybe better than that). It is a car that you can drive anywhere and be proud of and even take to car shows, etc. It won't win a car show, but is just a super nice original Caterham. The owner prior to Mark spent probably double what Mark did on a full restoration of the car in the late 1990's (down to bare frame with skin off, etc) and the chassis is still in excellent condition from that restoration. There is a large plastic crate with files and files of receipts of all work done to this car for probably the past 30 years that will go with the sale (see picture).


Anyway, in terms of some of the more important particulars, it is a rebuilt 1600 dry-sumped crossflow, with upgraded cam, pistons, and compression, and probably making close to 130bhp. The motor starts easily, idles great, sounds great, has perfect oil pressure and is not "fussy" at all. It does everything that a good Crossflow should do. Trans is close ratio and shifts great. Rear end is obviously solid axle as were all early cars, but has Quaife limited slip with alloy carrier for considerable weight savings. Front suspension has been upgraded to late model Caterham (see picture) with 5/8" sway bar, and shocks are double adjustable aluminum bodied QA1 on the front, and single adjustable on the rear.


I have not put a ton of miles on this car, but given the DSK chassis, and the fact that the suspension has pretty much every conceivable upgrade you would every want on an early Caterham the car should be as tuneable as you would every want to your particular driving style (i.e. mild to super aggressive).


The car has full length tonneau, soft top, and side curtains. The bench seats were purchased new by Mark and are still in perfect condition and will accommodate drivers up to 6'1" or perhaps even slightly taller than that. All aluminum pieces (skins, hood, cowl, etc) are in excellent condition with no appreciable dents, dings, etc. There are a couple of small stone chips here and there as would be expected for a car that is driven, but the paint is very, very nice.


I paid Mark $19,500 for the car which I felt was a fair price for an original DSK car in overall excellent condition, plus have put some time and a little money into it, plus pickup costs from Ohio to Mass. As I posted in the General Forum, I had NO intent of selling this car until a friend of mine contacted me yesterday and offered me his SCCA prepared Lotus Super 7 F Production race car and it has given me the bug to go SCCA racing again after a 10 year hiatus. I need to move this car quickly if I have any hope of buying the race car and am offering it for $20K and am pretty firm at that price and it is very fairly priced for what all is there. I am sure that everyone has seen plenty of Crossflow cars offered in the $25K+ range over recent months and this car is every bit the equal of those with far more desirable lineage.


Car is in Akron, OH Craig Chima (330) 807-0742 or chima97@aol.com












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I saw this car a few days ago and can confirm is exactly as represented in the pictures. Craig fired it up and I can also confirm it did so immediately, no smoke no drama. And it made that great X-Flow sound.

Craig: 4sp or 5sp transmission? And, where is it titled?

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Thanks for your kind words, and yes, I think that I described the car very fairly and accurately. Priced it that way too, and as such have a tentative agreement for purchase on the car. If anything falls through with the sale I will let everyone know but as of now, I believe it is a "done deal." Craig

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