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Save the Date - 2017 Annual East Coast Sevens HPDE and Social Event in Millville NJ

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Time marches on and now we are just two months away from our 7th annual Seven's Gathering at NJMP. Croc has been on a globe trotting spree and still has been finalizing the details of our event. Last major detail is customizing the signup option sheet on Motorsportreog.com. Once he gets that finalized you will be able to sign up and register. Hopefully Mike waits until the jet lag is gone before he attempts to jump threw that hoop.



I'm still optimistic that we can get to or above our last year's total of 20 sevens. Where else can you get a couple days of sevens only on track time, and socialize with a great bunch of seven owners? If you ever wanted to take your seven on track for the first time, this event is a great one to do it at. There is a dedicated novice group, with no passing that will allow you to learn your car and the track with no pressure. If you are an experienced driver, then what could be better than being on track with only seven's? No slow corvettes or porsches to slow you down in the turns. Just the fact that Tom C, (TBox)is towing in from 3/4 way across the country for the Third straight year should give you some idea of the level of the event. That or he's just plain hardcore. :seeya:


Here is the current list of attendees. Hopefully we will drag a few more of you out for some fun. Two months and counting. Tom




1) Croc

2)Yellowss7 +1



5)Black Hole







12)BirkinDave H


14)Dave D and Bev

15)Dan3030 +1






1)Blake J

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I might we moving up from the 50/50 category. We have sold our house in Chicago and I plan to start the family migration starting May 12, the wife, dog and the 7 in tow.



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Mike was kind enough to allow me to store my 7 in his garage at NJMP prior to the event. We do not yet have a house in Maryland. After complete the house sale in Chicago the wife, dog the 7 and I drove over to Marlyand. This morning I towed the 7 over to Mikes amazing garage to NJMP. I am all ready to go now.


Thanks again Mike



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