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Duratec valve cover mod?

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I have finally resolved my wiring issues and everything works correctly on the Birkin. I installed the scuttle and nose today and realized that the oil filler neck on my Duratec 2.3 protrudes above the hood by nearly half an inch. GRRRR! Has anyone had any success in repositioning the filler neck to the lower side? I presume that the cam cover material is FRP? Can this be successfully epoxied? The alternative is either the cam cover Tom Carlin sells ($485), the Raceline one (similar price plus shipping from the U.K.) or the Caterham one. Are the Mazda covers even on both sides? Has anyone done this mod?



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I took the original cap, shaved down the top part then epoxied a thin round aluminum plate with an allen head button. I use the allen head to easily twist open and close the filler cap. You can probably even use a counter sunk allen head too. It gave me that extra 0.5" to clear the bonnet.



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I did the same thing but on the Birkin, the motor mounts were designed for the 2.0l engine. The 2.3l sits about ½" higher in the chassis. The high point of the front part of the cover touches the nose and the riser on the oil filler would have to be shaved off and relocated to the low side at a minimum. Upon looking at it again today, I think I would do better to get the lower profile cam cover from Tom Carlin ($485). The cover offered by Raceline won't accommodate the individual coils. If I go this route, I'll try to modify the old cover as a separate project and post the results.

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I thought the Raceline would work on individual coils as I've in it on Chris's car here




I would get the raceline as it looks much better and costs about the same with the current exchange rates

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Another solution (not the least expensive, I'm afraid) is to go with the Duratec dry-sump system, and eliminate the filler cap entirely..... I bought a Reverie carbon-fiber valve cover, and had the filler hole deleted.


The c-f cover looked great on the car, but would not seal tight against the head, and oil leaks resulted. i sent it back to Reverie to be checked and re-surfaced, and have not yet installed it.


But this route does eliminate the filler hole and cap....

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