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Just doing some harmless spitballin' over on FaceBook....

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A friend put this new BAT page on my FaceBook wall, which sparked a conversation and a bit of harmless spitballin' (Mike, don't tell Jayne about this thread).


With exchange rates GBP - USD as they are right now, I could buy a 7 in the UK of about '94 vintage and keep it in the UK for a couple of years (using it for summer holidays touring France or Scotland and maybe the odd BaT day with Mike :jester:). Something like this would equate to just north of $17k. When it gets to 25 years old, import it to the US. What's not to like???? Chances of this happening are about the same as Trump willingly posting his tax returns - unfortunately buying a house this year will take up all available funds. Fun to dream, though :-)

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I would do it! I am contemplating buying a seven and storing it at BAT Donington to do track days around UK and Europe. They have a facility designed for that purpose and a lot of people already do leave their cars there. BAT could ship it to Portugal and Spain for my Iberia track trip in September instead of me having to rent.



Donington is a great base for touring being in the center of the country. Close to Scotland (whisky), Wales (sheep), and Yorkshire (strange people) for some of my favorite touring roads.


I would not tell Jayne.....nooooo way...... :devil:

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