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Trans oil leak

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I recently purchased a 2005 CSR 260. After my first drive I noted a rather prodigious trans oil leak coming from the right aft portion of the 6-speed manual g'box where the old speedo used to be connected. The car currently has the electronic speedo.

Does anyone know if the remainder of this unit can be removed and a bung driven in the hole without removing the drive train from the car and what

is entailed in removing that unit.http://www.usa7s.net/vb/attachment.php?attachmentid=12555&stc=1


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Yes, you can take out the speedo drive gear and get the bung from caterham to plug it up like i did. To take out the speedo drive gear is a bit of a pain though, first you remove the retaining clip, then you remove the larger sized bung on the opposite side of the tranny and finally popping it out the gear. Clearance might be an issue but I had my tranny out during the rebuild so it was easy. I also siliconed the new bung when i tapped it in and not a drop of oil since. Good luck!

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