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Photo and Video - 2017 Sevens HPDE at NJMP Drivers Club

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Then back in the pits between sessions we cool off under the canopies, catching the breeze, and chat.


Here is the normally shy Jeff - don't you like his t-shirt? So subtle!







Mike (Kitcat)










And the honorary Pit Chief Dog - Ginger




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The Saturday night group photo will be forthcoming at some point.


The Sunday night cocktail hour at the Clubhouse.












Then we move to the Awards Dinner



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Mike winning the "Failed Potential" Award...he kept clean all weekend...soooo unusual






Simon winning the Debris Award (a rock painted in debris flag colors) for hitting the cone that hit the rear wing that caused Dan to creates skid marks on track and in his underwear and to give me a good old cardio workout.






Tom awarding something...






Ah yes...the Mechanical Sympathy Award to Roman. For achievement in seeking the collective input of your fellow motoring experts on how to tighten a coolant tank cap (clockwise for the record)! I am slightly exaggerating....not much....







Other award winners:



The Polisher Award - Steve for his Mallock. He won a purple furry steering wheel cover, gear knob protector and a hand brake cover. Since he does not have a handbrake in the Mallock then all I can say is that he will be warm in winter!


Best Directions in a Moving Vehicle Award - George for pointing us by all weekend.


I Can Steer Award - Dan for making a Westfield Miata boogie along quickly.


Golden Skidmarks Award - Dave for his turn 1 pirrouette


Fast in a Straight Line Award - Matt for 620R levels of straight line speed


There were probably other awards but I was getting fuzzy by that stage of the night.

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There is one person who deserves recognition at this event above all - TJ Kenny of TK Autosports. He and Ian his erstwhile assistant render many services to keep more than one sevener on the track. Electrical, welding, missing nuts and screws, tire fitting, etc. Quite a few would have had game over if it was not for TJ and Ian. He makes himself on call at Drivers' Club Events to keep us boys on track (for a fee of course).


Here is TJ discussing the finer points of suspension tuning after I added skid marks to my underwear at turn 7 while testing the BMW CSL briefly on the Sunday.



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For photos, I need to collect the Saturday group photo at Don's place plus the photos that Amos took and I will work out how to get them all to you. This may take a few weeks.

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Thanks Mike, that worked for me. Kinda bitter/sweet seeing "my" car out there having fun.



I can understand Skip - she was being attentively fussed over by Dermot who was enjoying himself immensely. She is in great hands.

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Even from the opposite side of the country, I enjoy this weekend just from the posts, videos and photos. What a great time! I'm envious there isn't something similar anywhere from Denver west each year. Thanks for sharing the fun time.

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Come and join us Alfonse! Where there is a will there is a way!


Maybe Tom C knows enough Birkin owners on the west coast to make a trailer solution work?

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