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Fitting lowered headlight brackets to Caterham SV (link included)

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Hey everyone,

Recently picked up my 2002~ Caterham SV. It has the imperial chassis and I understand there are some differences with the metric as far as parts


I'm trying to find lowered headlamp brackets like this:



does anybody know what type of modification might be needed to make it work? Caterham replied that it wouldn't fit without modification, but couldn't suggest what might need to be done




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I put lowered headlight brackets on my 2004 Caterham SV. The right end in the parts store picture is where the headlight mounts on the bracket and is the same as mine. The left end is totally different. On my brackets the round tube continues on and goes into the nose cone and into a sort of pinch clamp with two bolts. It didn't have the two ears with holes in them.


I couldn't find a picture of them and the car is no longer in my possession.

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Those headlight brackets look like a short version of what goes on a CSR. The end that mounts to the chassis straddles the front upper A-arm mount. On the CSR this arm mount is outside the body. Looking at pictures of the S3/SV it looks like the upper mount is inside the body. So, if I were to guess you would have to cut some of the body to get the light mount to the A-arm mount. I think you need to look for a set that does as Skip has suggested.



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I used the same left and right brackets as you listed from Caterham parts on my 2005 S3 imperial chassis. It mounts directly on top of the front upper mount like TurboWood mentioned and is about half way inside /outside the nosecone. I remember drilling a very small hole in the front upper mount for the wires to pass thru and into the new brackets. Dropped the headlights a very cool 5-6".

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