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2018 Northern VA Sunday C & C Thread

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With nearby states experiencing flooding due to the hurricane, we had the good fortune of a rain-free Sunday morning. We made the most of it! Bob Scates drove his Esprit; I was there in my Elise. The BMWs outnumbered us, 3-to-2. This is a small, very informal get-together on Sundays, with a late-ish start time - 8:00AM. If you just can't get up in time for Katie's on a Saturday, you should consider joining us on Sunday!


--Bob Collum






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I have been away from this event for a month, what with the British car endurance run, the Middleburg car show, and a family birthday.

Bob Scates is a regular now, so Lotus is represented, each week. This remains a small gathering, but that's OK... we have a good group

of people, and some really nice cars.


--Bob Collum






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A brisk morning, but the change to standard time gave us an extra hour of sleep this morning! Several new attendees, and new NoVA Lotus member Christian drove his Storm Titanium Elise. Mark Franke came in his civilian car.


Another newcomer brought his new Demon. Bob S. had the Guards Red Porsche Carrera S he just picked up last night.


Thanks to Christian for pointing out a detail on the Demon: look at the treadwear rating on the front tire!


--Bob Collum






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