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another "no affiliation" listing

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I think $50K for a basket case VI and no history would be on the high side. This car would get you invites to some good events. Like the Climax, it is easy to drop $10 or $20K on a rebuild. Historic FIA papers and provenance make a huge difference in Europe.


Once you get to this level you are paying for a car, the story and a ticket punch to big time events. To me this is a case of you want to play you got to pay. But then I think my Seven is worth $50K.

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I had never read such a description of drum brakes:


"All round drums ensure you retail full momentum into corners..."


The seller forgot to include the words "as you are screaming at the top of your lungs sliding off the course". "What, me worry about braking points?" Alfred E. Neuman

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