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The manufacturer already did that :) This shows it putting out 2 liters of fuel:


It's certainly an interesting concept. The size, weight , and price are big improvements over Halon and Halotron, but I'm not as enthused over the engagement mechanism or the inability to stop the stream. With a regular fire extinguisher you simply pull the pin and squeeze the trigger which doesn't really take any practice to accomplish quickly. With the Element you need to remove a cap and strike it against the end. In the panic of a fire, with never having tried this before, I wonder if it could add precious seconds doing multiple strikes at different pressures, or in my case, finding the cap that I carelessly threw to the ground while attempting that initial strike. When using a fire extinguisher on my car in the past, it was helpful stopping the stream for a second to examine the engine bay and assess if I needed to reposition it. With the Element, it appears there is always a smoke screen partially blocking your view.


Not sure if these concerns are valid or if they outweigh the benefits, but I am looking forward to reading more reviews. Given the price though, it might be worth having one in the car to supplement my Halon unit.



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As a retired SCCA corner worker I've had the opportunity to put out a couple of car fires and attended fire school for certification I can see it will put out a fire. I haven't looked to see if the smoking stick has a ABCD rating. The small powder extinguishers strapped to roll bars is 5 or 10 BC fire extinguisher. B is burning liquids and C means it safe to use on electrical fires. The number of the B rating means it has the capacity to put out a specified number of SQFT of burning liquid. In the video showing the application of the stick, the user was very close to the fire to put it out. With a powder extinguisher you can be effective at a greater and safer distance.

If it was the only thing you have and needed to put out a fire, use it. Me, I'm use to using power and know what to expect.

A is for wood and paper fires

B is for burning liquid fires

C is energized electrical fires

D is burning metals

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