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1998 Carterham S3 "BDA" for sale

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After nearly eight years of ownership I’m finally getting my act together to sell my Caterham. An overview of the car is listed below. Given that I have two complete engines for the car and a bunch of spares there are at least three different purchase options:


Option 1) Complete car plus spare wheels, wings etc. with BDA (currently fitted): Best offer around $34k

Option 2) Complete car plus spare wheels, wings etc. with freshly rebuilt crossflow (will be fitted to the car): Best offer around $24k

Option 3) Complete car plus both engines plus spares etc: Open to offers in excess of $34k


I’m not intending to sell either engine or any of the spares until such times as the car is sold i.e. the buyer gets the first refusal on any of the options, but after that I may sell the other parts separately.


I can’t post all of the pictures but will send a link to my google pictures folder to anybody who is interested.


The car is located in San Diego


Car overview


  • 1998 Caterham S3 1700 Supersprint 40th Anniversary edition
  • Titled in California as a 1965 Lotus 7 on a SB100 (a quirk of the original Connecticut bill of sale and New Jersey title)
  • Recently (
  • The original 1700 supersprint (~135bhp) has just been rebuilt and comes complete with twin 40s, Aldon distributer, stainless steel headers and 4 into collector.
  • Odometer reads ~14,800 miles and I added ~4000 miles in ~8 years of ownership (less than 1000 in the last 3 years), speedometer reads ~8% low according to GPS reference.
  • Sunoco blue and yellow paint in good condition with a few scratches in clear coat here and there and a few stone dings in aluminum rear wing stone guards
  • Brooklands screens and SPA carbon fiber mirrors
  • Minilite style wheels
  • 13 x6 front wheels with 175-55 CR500 part worn tires
  • 15 x 7 rear wheels with 205-55 CR500 part worn tires
  • Raceline FIA-approved 6 point harness (suitable for race use until 2019)
  • Tall roll bar (passes "broomstick-test" for 5’10” driver with helmet)
  • Predominantly road use with 2-3 track events per year (one event on current engine / transmission / LSD)
  • Receipts package dating back to 2006
  • Extras package – see below


Drivetrain details


  • BDR+ spec engine built by Quicksilver Race Engines, less than 1000 miles since build
  • Built on new ford motorsport block in 2015
  • EN40B 6 bolt crankshaft (supplied by John Wilcox UK)
  • Forged pistons and Carrillo rods
  • Head flowed and ported with new valves and titanium retainers
  • Fully balanced to 9000RPM
  • 3-bolt stainless steel exhaust headers and 4 into 1 collector from seven and elans
  • 190bhp at 8000 rpm on 93 octane fuels, will also run 105 octane
  • MSD 6AL ignition, Aldon magnetic "points"
  • 45 DHLA carbs, Pipercross filter
  • Titan Dry Sump system and 2 gallon tank
  • Gear reduction starter
  • Installed new BGH Geartech E8HD transmission with semi-helical gears in 2015
  • Heavy duty baulk rings and bearings. Ratios 1st – 2.66, 2nd – 1.75, 3rd – 1.26, 4th – 1.0, 5th 0.82
  • Titan LSD differential installed in 2015
  • Engine, transmission and LSD have done less than 1000 miles since being installed


Extras package available (buyer will have first refusal on all)


  • Full weather gear (soft top, frame and doors in good condition, Tonneau cover)
  • Original roll bar
  • Petty bar for currently fitted roll bar and side intrusion bar to fit to current roll bar, mounting holes for petty bar and side intrusion bar are sleeved and welded
  • Polycarbonate wind deflectors for original screen
  • Original heated screen
  • Clamshell wings painted in body color
  • Set of five 40th anniversary 15” wheels and 195-50 tires





  • http://www.usa7s.net/vb/attachment.php?attachmentid=14439&stc=1http://www.usa7s.net/vb/attachment.php?attachmentid=14444&stc=1http://www.usa7s.net/vb/attachment.php?attachmentid=14440&stc=1http://www.usa7s.net/vb/attachment.php?attachmentid=14441&stc=1





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Can you verify what size wheels are on the car? Are they 13 x 7 rear, not 15 x 7"? Thanks!


Minilite style wheels

13 x 6 front wheels with 175-55 CR500 part worn tires

15 x 7 rear wheels with 205-55 CR500 part worn tires

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Thanks Kitcat, I appreciate the compliments on the car.

Hopefully the pricing is in the right ballpark, I'm hoping that it finds a new home and owner that will use it more often than I do these days.

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Thanks Stewart, that's what I figured.


Oops - correction: The wheels currently fitted are 13" rims all round, 6" width on front and 7" rears. The spare set are 15" rims.
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  • 1 month later...

I just want to let everyone know that I am now thrilled to be the lucky owner of this car, with the BDA engine. It was delivered to me yesterday (thank you Intercity Transit), however it'll take me a little while to jump through the required hoops to get it registered and inspected in Massachusetts. At some point in the future I'll post a bit more about me. Thank you Sabbot (and Mrs. Sabbot) for a very pleasant buying experience. I look forward to getting to know all of you on this forum better as time goes on.


2018-09-30 21.12.00.jpg

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It enjoyed the SoCal sun for a while but it was great to see it go to a good home back in the north east, and hopefully will become a regular at local events.

It also had an interesting, and similarly colored, stablemate during at least part of it’s journey east. Thanks to Jcerier, he was a wonderful person to deal with while selling the car.



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Mildly interesting. Mine also made it from San Diego to NE earlier this year (NY)


San Diego 7's reunited across the country.


Better yet, we both used Intercity Transport. Might have even been the same driver!

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