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2006 wcm ultralite s2k and custom trailer for sale

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I have just taken the car to the best Lotus dealer I know of, and they will be handling the advertising and sale of the car going forward.

They are in the NW corner of Indianapolis, Indiana. their website is https://www.gatormotorsports.com

They are also dealers for some other pretty nifty cars, too!


That's the website for the University of Florida Formula SAE team.



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I used to live in Shirley, Mass, near Ayer where there was a Lotus 7 dealer back then, though it didn't have enough foot room. It would really be fun to drive a 7 and do what they called 'Shunpiking' on weekends!


My car is now at Gator Motorsport in Indianapolis, Indiana. They are an outstanding outfit, and will be handling advert and sales with Brian Henry, Sales Mgr.


The correct site is https://www.gatormotorsport.com

Trailer is still at my house.

Paul Snyder

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I bought the sister of Paul's WCM Lotus 7. Bought it two years ago from his friend Jerry in St Louis. I am 6 ft 5 inches, with size 13 shoes. I had to raise the steering wheel 3 inches, and make the foot well 1/2 inch wider by removing a cardboard side wall. Those mods were really quite simple, and now I autocross the car with great passion. Given my size, I had the same issues with footwell room, but with relatively easy mods, I am now having the most fun I have had with a car. Oh, and I race in wrestling shoes. Only 4 inches narrow. I can't drive my friends Westfield 7, because when I put either foot down it hits two pedals. If you are wanting a 7, and above average in size, Paul's car is worth a look.

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The trailer is for sale - it is custom built for my Lotus 7. I doubt that the car plus the trailer will weigh a total of 3,000 pounds though I have never weighed it. Statistics: Opening inside the rear is 78 1/8" wide, with door cables outside of the box so no hindrance there. The single axle has electric brakes and the connection is the "ring of 6 with a center ground" that can be worked with an adapter for the 4-in-line plugs. There is an interior light at the rear. Box measures 84" wide, 12 feet long, and 55 " tall outside. There is a strong shelf inside in front. There are 3 aluminum matching wheels, one is mounted on tongue as a spare. The floor of the trailer is angled down in a beaver-tail pattern so that it is easier to drive in a very low ground clearance car. The rear of the roof unlatches and lifts up as there is a hinge all across the front edge. It cost me $5,000.00 and I will sell it for $1,500.00, quite a deal!

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