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Caterham 6-Speed Yoke Removal

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Any pointers to a good type 9 online manual would be appreciated.



I'm about to go through my Type 9 this next weekend. It will be my maiden outing. I'm going to install a BGH close ratio gearset along with new synchro, bearings and seals. I've looked around quite a bit in preparation and come up pretty empty for a thorough online guide. Empty enough that when I was in the UK this past summer I made it a point to stop by and meet Brian at BGH and get some personal hand-on instruction from the voice of his 40 years of Ford transmission experience. He kindly took me through the overhaul of a gearbox that they were doing for a customer during my visit. Now, 4 months later I'm about to see what, if anything, I can remember from that experience.


That said, here are links to the most helpful materials that I have come across on the web WRT the Type 9 gearbox:

Classic Ford magazine T-9 guide


I hope that his helps.

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When i pulled the yoke from my 6 speed, i had to move the rear diff back a few inches in addition to moving the engine forward a few inches while tilted to clear everything. The yoke is about 5-6" long iirc. Remember to drain the transmission as you'll get some fluid coming out. Other than that, pretty straight forward coming off.

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