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Can the collective wisdom direct me to a source for headers for this motor? The exhaust exits on the passengers side. Hopefully there's a source for these. The vehicle is a 1986>87 Sabre 7 built on the west coast and is a pretty good replica. All help is appreciated.


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I have an unused 2.3 header, but you would need to fabricate the rest of the exhaust system. I bought it for a front wheel driver project and it never happened. I'm attaching a couple pictures so you can have a look.


I also have a dual side draft intake manifold for the 2.3, but I'm guessing you already have what you need for that.







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Alfonse is right. This header is for a Duratec. It won't fit the 2.3 Lima motor (if that's what you have). If you happen to have the Duratec motor, you're golden. If you decide you want the header, it's $175 plus shipping from 98296.


If you do have the Lima 2.3, look around on some of the Merkur or Pinto/Bobcat forums or http://www.esslingeracing.com/.

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