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Super Seven Sportscar - new A-Arm availability / fabricator recommendation

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Have a 1984 George Fejer Super Seven and am going to replace all upper and lower control arms. Had the left/front lower fail where a weld for the swaybar bracket appears to have burnt through.


Anyone able to to offer suggestion for ready-built arms or fabrication?


Approximate dimmensions as follows

UPPER width:7.5” x length:8”

LOWER width:9” x length:12”








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Graham and Randall - thanks for the advice. Have recommendations for a couple local shops - Wicked Fabrication and Godspeed Fab - but thought if this is a pattern part that someone has the jigs for, nation-wide purchase would be easy. Kinetic looks like a neat product and will reach out to Jack in the morning.


If anyone else has a suggestion or if an Admin can move this a better forum category, please do so.


Thanks again.



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The cool thing about that Kinetic arms is you don't need a jib, you just need to know the lengths. Highly adjustable so your can build to any numbers you want.



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