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Some extra photos of the day





Chasing a buddy Mike through Eau Rouge and up to Radillion. He rented from RSR Spa. A good outfit to rent from if you are looking for more car choice.








In the esses at Les Combes








This track is all about the corner - Eau Rouge





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Trying to scare Anand, Rahul's cousin with some good laps. He was with me on my fastest lap around this track.





There is a lot of elevation change between the different parts of the track






La Source turn - turn 1 after the F1 start line





My passenger Jeff (JBH on this forum) looks rather perturbed?




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Croc said:
If you like warm weather then check out the Bookatrack Iberia trip in late-September. Its a very social week exploring 3 tracks - Jerez (Spain), Portimao (Portugal), and Ascari (Spain) - all open pit lane, max 40 cars and the Caterham SV rental would work well on those tracks. Hope to see you at another event.


The Iberia trips sounds like fun but I dont think it will fit in my schedule this year :-( Maybe next year.


I got my BAT pics as well and uploaded them to Spa Francorchamps (Mar 2019)

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My rental car for this trip was something really unusual. Who of you has heard of a manufacturer called “DS”?


So I had a DS7.




It’s part of Peugeot/Citroen group but is a unique vehicle line. It was mostly well equipped - no power seats or rear vision camera. It was really quite nice to drive except...it had a 1.5L diesel. No turbo. It was sadly lacking in the engine ferret department. Glaciers have moved quicker.


May be that DS means ‘diesel slug’. :)

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Finally logging in to this site...

A few thoughts:

1. Spa is a magnificent track with a layout that just flows from one turn to the next. Nice long straights with time to check the gauges and relax my breathing.

2. The Ginetta is a great handling car, but way down on power (138 hp). At 1850 lbs, it is very much a momentum car. I think it was the photographer that put the second Ginetta into the wall at Campus. Sudden lift or sudden power will spin it (no I didn't spin)

3. There are some really fast Caterhams, even in the rain.

4. I think I did more laps the second day in the rain. Best way to learn how to drive in the rain is to drive in the rain.

5. Bookatrack runs a really good event. None of this is cheap, but arrive and drive with an open track format at Spa Francorchamps...well, I have some really great memories. If you want to drive in Europe, they are a good choice.

6. The town of Spa has a really great spa, but that's another story.

7. That's a funny pic of me sitting with Mike on the first session of the day. I was really excited, but certainly not scared. Croc is a very good driver and he knows the track.

8. Finally, many thanks to Croc for all his help in setting up and guiding us through the trip.

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Next track days at Spa-Francorchamps is March 23/24. Who is coming this year? I can probably arrange a Caterham even at this late stage.


Sadly I was too optimistic. Spa-Francorchamps closed itself until late-April in response to Coronavirus. Looks like I am out of luck for driving at Spa until next year now. :(


While disappointing, I do recognize that these measures are needed to prevent the spread of the epidemic. Hope everyone else is staying positive in these trying times.

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Hey Croc: Has this virus put a crimp in your peripatetic lifestyle?


And, as a 73 year old who is squarely in the cross hairs of the Corona virus, I am practicing a self-imposed "social distancing" (Not leaving the house unless it's on fire), and experimenting with homemade hand sanitizer formulas:)). This will get old fast.

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My wife is returning home from Denmark tomorrow. She is at high risk because of age (72) and recent cancer. She will have the mandated two week self-quarantine and after that I will have to work on getting her to put a restraint on her social activities.


Looks like I will have to learn to grocery shop. Hope we have enough toilet paper!

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Hey Croc: Has this virus put a crimp in your peripatetic lifestyle?


LOL has it ever. I got tested in London last week just before I flew back to US. Cancelled Spa travel bookings yesterday (mentally I cancelled on Tuesday). A bunch of mercy flights yesterday to bring everyone home so they are not trapped for 3 months. Offices closed globally to encourage people to work remotely - we said 2 weeks but really its 3 months being honest once you really think about the logic of what is happening. Figuring London is off limits next month? Bermuda is shut so need to cancel that trip. Was supposed to take my mother on a cruise in June - Rome to Barcelona via Israel. Somehow I suspect thats toast. I think I will get Peru to work in July (he hopes). At least the business is fine. Midtown manhattan was a ghost town on Friday at 2pm.


Biggest concern for me is reducing panic. People need to remember this is a virus and not the zombie apocalypse.


Top epidemic tip: Buy your toilet paper on amazon!

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Mike - We were in Peru 4 weeks ago. Great dinner (and Pisco Sours) at Maido. And Chicharron sandwiches (pork and sweet potato) at La Lucha Sangucheria. And ceviche pretty much anywhere.


Staying in Lima, or plans to get around a bit? Machu Picchu? Nazca lines?



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