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Wanted: carbon silencer

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I had the CIC one and was trying to find the company that made them a while back got a response from a member on L7 (but I am no longer a member) and he told me they went OOB a few years back.




I have a SS Simpson exhaust now and was trying to source a heat shield CF but it came to a dead end my other thought was to purchase a CF sleeve and fit over the Simson but I am not sure how CF stands up to the heat.

Exaust Before 3.jpg

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Seems like a lot of the companies that used to make carbon silencers have gone out of business. Westfield has a 10% off sale until tomorrow night. I emailed them to ask what size inlet their carbon one is but I have not heard back. I need 2 1/2”. I think I will order the Blue Flame unit. They probably make the Westfield one for them anyways.

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I installed a header and muffler from a Caterham SV. I made the transition piece from the collector to the muffler and welded in a bung for the o2 . My original muffler became to loud over the years and this setup works well.enjoy


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Mine is pretty easy to change the muffler as the collector ends inside the engine compartment so I can just have a different joiner pipe made up. It has a custom muffler and polished cover that the previous owner had made but the baffles are rattling and driving me nuts! I want to get rid of the polished cover as nothing else on the car is shiny. I really like the look of a carbon muffler - ever since I had my Yamaha R1:)



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I'm presently in process of fitting a Yoshimura RS3 silencer (haha) to my '62. I sourced mine used as a freebie from a customer at the shop who brought in 5 damaged carbon fiber motorcycle mufflers for me to repair / repack to net 2 usable units for his project. There were enough salvageable parts that I ended up with a 3rd unit to keep for myself.


Here is a link for a pair presently listed on eBay


Some fabrication required to adapt. But definitely lower cost if you have the facilities/skill set required.

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