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New Birkin representative for eastern USA

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I am very pleased to announce that we have established a representative for Birkin's cars in the eastern USA, Analog Racing Cars, please see the attached Press Release. We are in the final stages of preparing 3 chassis for shipment to them in mid December. As always Birkin Direct-USA will be available for their's and all other owners support.





Analog Racing Cars Press Release.pdf

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Hi guys,


Thanks for the welcome to the community! This (Analog Racing Cars) is my little project that I hope to grow. It's an extension of what I've been doing in the race hire world with formula 2000/formula continental, and I'm eager to jump in with both feet. From a historic perspective, the seven is essentially a two seat 'Formula Junior' back when that class existed.


I've 'lurked' on the forums for quite some time, and I appreciate the wealth of knowledge in this community. Please help me continue to learn!


As Tom mentioned, we'll be getting three of our first chassis this December, and my winter project is: 1. to build a development mule 2.document a great deal of the build process for people interested in their own build. 3. Develop the final iterations of what we intend to sell as completed cars.


I have my own ideas on what I think I want to build, and what I think will be of interest, but I'm first to know that I don't know it all and I'd love feedback from the community to dial some things in.


Please be patient with me as I get the cars, the website, and the process all built out. And in the meantime, any questions - please direct them to me at 231-412-7730 or Cade@AnalogRacingCars.com






PS - would y'all like me to post up an 'about me intro' on the intro thread?

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Cade - very good meeting you earlier today in Detroit  /  Farmington Hills .   What a coincidence and surprise.    Look forward to building a great community of "Sevens" in the area.   Don't say it too loud but let's show those big V8's what small 4 (or for some 6's) can really do.  :) 

See you around on a track... and soon I hope. 


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