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2019 Brunton Stalker XL only 55 miles like new. 50K OBO

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Image gallery here


Ebay link here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1965-Replica-Kit-Makes-Brunton-Stalker/303509475825


Offering for sale like new stalker XL purchased turn key from stalker speced as follows




  • 525HP LS3 crate engine.
  • T56 magnum 6 speed.
  • CTS-V differential.
  • Weight under 2,000 pounds.
  • Double adjustable shocks, push-rod suspension with full inboard shocks.
  • Twin disc clutch.
  • Willwood pedal assembly, racing dual master cylinder balance bar brakes.
  • APR GT-1000 rear wing GT-250 front wing
  • 6 point Schroth flexi 2x2 belts
  • Cobra Suzuka pro seats
  • Full cage with side bars


Car has only 55 miles on it which was 3 shake down drives.

Florida titled and registered as a lotus 7 replica.

All new except the wings which were provided as used, this is not a donor type car.



New cost for this would be a little over 58k. Asking 45k OBO





I purchased this car with the intent of driving using it for track days. Unfortunately the car was delivered to me by stalker with several defects, which is the reason the sale. All issues are fixable but my fixing them would greatly complicate the recovery of damages from Stalker for their breach of contract. Defects are disclosed as follows (message for pictures);


-Forward roll hoop improper alignment to main frame.

-The finish on the rear brake calipers has been heavily scuffed. (never was told how this happened)

-Broken rear wing end plate (repairable, $50 quoted from APR + shipping)

-Oil cooler needs additional brackets on the back.

-Brake tee fitting leaking at brake light switch.




Bell housing block off plates need to be fitted, catch can routing needs to be corrected (hose in front of MAF should be behind it) various cables need to be secured etc.

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