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As a retired individual my time commitments are flexible and I have taken up BaT watching (Bring a Trailer). It's interesting to watch the last minute bidding along with the commentary, sometimes more like the "peanut gallery".

So, any particular car/truck/motorcycle have anyone sold that they wish they still had to sell now and really cash in? :auto: :smash: :banghead:

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I listed my frame off restored 72 Lotus Europa a couple of weeks ago and it didn’t make the reserve. Kind of surprising as 2 weeks prior another Europa sold for over $41K and mine was nicer. Oh well......it will sell in spring when the sports car fever hits.





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If you look at historical data for prior auctions, pricing is all over the chart for certain vehicles (Miatas, for example) No rhyme or reason. But it does get interesting in the last two minutes for some auctions.


Miata buyers, at least those looking for low mileage cars, are a finicky bunch. Something as simple as surface corrosion on a few bolts can turn someone from a serious buyer, to a armchair quarterback at the drop of a hat. As someone who traveled in the sub 5K mileage Miata circle in my past, I can tell you it gets worse the more that gets listed on BAT with higher and higher mileage, or less than stellar history or condition. Typical BAT buyers want perfection......That, or a project selling so cheap, it is too good to be true, an item no longer seen on BAT in our lifetime.



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It used to be a good site for finding diamonds in the rough for auction but sadly too many people are there hiking up values.


The good news is if you want to sell a Caterham or Birkin there are now better odds of achieving an abovemarket sale price in a shorter timeframe than trying other sales channels or this forum.

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I watch BaT daily. I've bought two cars and tried to list two other's for sale. Both of those were rejected by BaT. The first one was a '16 BMW M2 with 1,600 miles. They said it was too new, then two weeks later another '16 M2 with less miles was accepted. The other one was a '14 Volvo turbo with the folding hard top with 6k miles. They said they only listed the older Volvos.


On Monday I sold my '17 Shelby GT350 to a company called givemethevin.com. I had tried the local CL and also got offers from some of the local Ford dealers. Give Me the Vin offered more that any of the others including offers that came in on the CL ad.


Pictures and paperwork went back and forth via email and I dropped the car off at one of the dealer auction places in Denver. The final paperwork was signed there and I gave them the signed title and they gave me a check for the agreed amount. They also arranged a prepaid Uber trip home.


Then Give Me The Vin ran the car through the dealer auction yesterday. The lady I worked with at the dealer auction has promised to let me know what it sold for but I haven't heard back from her as yet. I hope one of the dealers that low balled me bought it for significantly more that I got.

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There are some cars for sale that are not in the states. What type of documentation is required to get a car in for road use? Other requirements or bonds?



Start with post #13 on this link for a practical overview.




Detailed information is here




Key things to keep in mind:

- over 25 year old cars are fairly easy to import if they are essentially standard

- modified over 25 year old cars get problematic based on level of modifications made

- Think about foreign titles/registration/documentation proof - you are likely to need it for state registration. You can import on a bill of sale.

- If you do not have foreign title then you get into bonded title - I have done a few of those - fairly straight forward. Some states do not have bonded title for foreign imports without title - research if yours is included in this group.

- Emissions may be an issue if the car was not sold here originally - research your requirements in advance. At least you are not CA which is difficult for emissions on nearly all foreign imports.

- If under 25 years old car - easier to forget about it as Federalization is a pain and not worth putting yourself through it.


If you need recommended import co.s then I have two - one high end and the other good middle of the road.

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