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2004 CMC 7 Mazda Power

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2004 CMC Mazda powered 7

Specification as follows;

Exhilarating performance in this true to type of a replica Lotus 7.

Frame by Champion Motor Corp. (CMC) of Huntsville, Alabama, for a 1996 Miata donor.

Very similar to Keith Tanner’s 7, as frames purchased at the same time.

Special /custom torque reinforcement added to rear by welded brackets. Never had an issue.

Drivers foot box extended 2”, accommodates 6’6” drivers.

1996 Miata 1.8L 16 valve Twin Cam engine, bottom up stock rebuild, but using 10:1 pistons, as standard on 2000 Miata.

Fidanza 8.3lb aluminum flywheel.

4.33 Torsen diff.

Coleman steering rack, set for 0 bump steer.

Bucket seats, 4 point safety belts.

JAZ Racing 8 gallon foam filled fuel cell. MSD high-pressure fuel pump.

All fuel lines are steel braided.

Ajustable shock absorbers with adjustable spring perches.

All brake components rebuilt during build.

Brake disc are aftermarket upgrade, drilled/slotted.

Upgraded hardware, spherical joints from FK rodends.

Mazadaspeed steering wheel, modified with custom micro-switches for horns.

Aluminum louvers, from 928 Motorsports, fitted to bonnet.

Painted 2005 GM Competition yellow.

Aluminum brake/clutch pedals cross hatched eched to ensure no slip.

Custom welded ex. Headers into Dynatech 4-1 collector w/O2 port. Corkscrew muffler with Supertrapp cap.

Headers ceramic black coated.

ADR Concept-Pro 16”x7” JJ wheels. Gunmetal Grey metalflake w/polished chrome lip. Fitted high performance tires, which out of date.

Miata wiring harness has been shortened and lightened. In use are the stock computer, throttle position, Mass Air flow, Crank/cam and O2 sensors.

Was built from 2003 to 2006 by the original owner who drove it for less than 4 k miles. Current mileage is 6232

Second owner was Dennis Zainfeld, who has since passed away. He was a supplier of movie cars in Hollywood until he started going after land speed records. When he died, in 2017, he held 22 records and was going for the 650mph mark in a wheel driven turbine car.

Comes with a large stack of invoices, manuals, wiring diagrams, etc.

Titled in Delaware as a 2004.

Purchased by a friend of the window, to assist her. On consignment

with Sevens & Elans.

More photos are available.


Asking $17,950 OBO.








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