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How do you value your car?

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I own a 2013 R300. It's this car: http://www.chariotsofpb.com/chariots/inventory/details/SDKLDK3NS11070411. I bought it many years ago. It's pretty much the same only I've sorted out several issues (with a lot of help here). I think the only significant changes are the addition of a third break light on the rollbar, adding a half-top and doors, and replacing the battery with an Li battery.


I'm not interested in selling it, but I'd like to have some really rough estimate of it's current value. It seems like Sevens trade so infrequently and are so different that I have no clue what a reasonable value is for it. Anyone care to put a guess or to give advice on how to make an educated guess?

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I own a 2013 R300. ... I bought it many years ago.....


I guess as I get older, my idea of "many years" has become less precise.


Great looking car.



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How I do it is track the for sales that come up weekly. That gives me data points on what different cars are asking - age, spec, brand, condition. The only problem with that is that Bringatrailer is distorting certain segments of the market with higher values as their chart proves if you ignore the Lotus 7s and focus solely on the Caterhams:






If older crossflow Caterhams are reaching $30K on BAT then yours would logically be around $40k (give or take a range) - 2013, Duratec, healthy options spec, great colors. Question is whether buyers are out there wanting to pay that? COVID19 seems to have had strange effects on the market too.

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