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Great run to Harbor Freigght

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I finished most of the service of SUPER7 today. Yesterday I bled the clutch slave cylinder and the brakes, and today I injected gear oil into the trunions. There was a small blob of grease on the nipple, so someone has put grease to it - shame on whoever did it. Another item added to the winter list: clean out the grease and oil the trunions properly. Next I changed the oil. Got the wheels back on, checked the pressures and took off for Harbor freight. Car ran great.


My Harbor Freight run was to get a discounted tool creeper. I have been putting tools on the floor and keep misplacing them. The tool creeper will be where tools go from now on. At HF I ended up buying a ton of other stuff. A polisher and supplies to get the aluminum and paint up to a shine, a set of SAE sockets and spanners (all of our other cars that I maintain are metric), plus sundry other items. A run to pick up a $13 item ended up costing me close to $250. Why does that happen all the time?


I really enjoy the attention the Caterham gets from other drivers. Drivers blow their horns and wave, kids stare, and pedestrians stop and look when it is parked. My two Boxsters also get attention, but nothing like this/


Yesterday I also ordered a set of Toyo R888Rs from Tire Rack for the 13" minilites that I will be autocrossing on. They should come in in a few days, and by then I'll almost be ready to do some autocrossing.


Two things I have to work on first first. There is not a lot of clutch pedal travel and it sits much lower than the brake pedal. It also grabs almost immediately. The other is to build a rollbar-mounted carrier for the minilites. I can't drive to the course with them mounted, the car sits so low that I am afraid it will bottom out if I hit a bump or a pothole.


I also hate the way the loose ends of the harness straps flap around. I'll fashion something to hold them.

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Have you run the Toyo's before? Just curious as to how the compare to the Avon's. Tire Rack gives them a good wet rating, something that comes in handy here in the PNW.

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