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Alert! Stolen Caterham, Parker, CO USA

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Hi everyone,


Unfortunate news: Ben Wofford (of Rocky Mountain Sports cars fame) had his unbuilt Caterham SV kit stolen on Saturday, June 20.


I'm posting this to share with the community so we can all work to help make sure Ben gets his Seven back.


Pics to follow soon. In the meantime, here is Ben's description:


"Grrr - someone stole my race trailer late Saturday night (June 20th). Worst part - we had an un-assembled Caterham inside. If anyone in the Denver area see the trailer or hears about anyone trying to sell an un-assembled Caterham please let me know.


Was stored in Parker, Colorado



2001 Pace Shadow



Rusty fuel can rack on the tongue

Dent in the right front box chrome trim

CO plate: 254DTH (expired tags)

VIN: 4P2WB202X1U027821



2010 Caterham Seven SV

Titanium Silver w/ black stripes

15” anthrocite wheels w/ Avon CR500 tires

6-spd Caterham transmission

Chassis number: SDKLDK5NS01051127

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Sorry to hear M8

The Caterham is going to be impossible to sell and hopefully the Twats that stole it don't know anything about Caterhams so if they try to sell it will raise a red flag.


Please keep us posted o the outcome

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Has there been any update on the stolen trailer?



The trailer was recovered (more or less -- some of the easy-to-remove bits on it had been stripped -- though the perps still left the plates on!)

Alas, no sign -- yet -- of the kit that was inside.


Thanks for monitoring. Our community may yet prove to be the way Ben's kit is recovered.

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