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2020 Caterham Seven 310R kit available

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Due to a customer deciding to upgrade to a 360 after production of the 310R he ordered had started, we will have this available. It is an S3 kit of the Seven 310R. Optioned with full weather package, i.e. heated windscreen, side curtains and top. Also features a heater, side screen armrests, tonneau cover and top storage bag. MoMo quick release leather wheel and 15" "Orcus" wheels in anthracite with Avon tires. Finished in Vintage Green with black composite seats. The "R" pack includes: Limited Slip Diff, lightweight flywheel, Sport suspension package, uprated master cylinder, Carbon-fiber dashboard, 4 point harnesses, exterior black pack, shift light and polished exhaust. As we have been selling every car Caterham allocates to us this is the first "inventory" car we have had in quite some time. Car is completing build at the Dartford factory and will be shipping to us with 2 additional sold cars likely late August arriving in September. Additional information on the 310R can be found here: https://www.timemachineauto.com/caterham.html The 310 is 155 HP "Sigma" engine with the Mazda five speed. We also have our new demo car a 310S on the way and it will be available for test drives likely late August


We can deliver anywhere in the US. We can also arrange direct delivery of this in a 20' container for additional costs. For full specifications and price details contact info@timemachinesauto.com.




Rick (Mark IV)

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