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FOR SALE: Turbo Locost

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I am putting my car up again,going to go to something with windows and A/C!! I had a mishap a couple weeks ago and the drivers top front shock mount broke-thank you Michigan roads. I have since had the mounts welded AND reinforced on BOTH sides and feel it should not be an issue again. Unfortunately when this happened it caused some damage to the nose,I have decided to put TWO prices on the car-one if it goes as-is and one if I have the nose fixed (BTW,a new nose from Kinetic is 200 bucks) The car has been completely completely dialed in and is located in Michigan. Turbo Miata power with 286 crank horsepower and the car weighs 1300 lb - definitely very fun to drive. This is my third

Locost and definitely the best of the three. There is a couple of stress cracks in rear fenders-the previous owner had the car too low in rear and the tires were hitting the inside of the fenders-the car has since been raised and the cracks have not progressed in almost two years of ownership. Car handles beautifully on Bridgestone RE71 tires and is as fast as most other cars in a straight line. I have installed full carbon fiber front fenders and I also have the original fiberglass fenders that will go with the car. Miata rear suspension along with Miata brakes, the car stops and goes very well. The drivers seat is adjustable and the car will fit a taller driver without a problem.

Locost Seven Miata Turbo, Street Legal, 240whp

REGISTERED AS A 1972 Lotus-should be easy to get registered in most states

Clear title,no leins


"Car has 2800 miles on it since build"

Book-sized frame

1996 1.8L Miata engine

Miata 5-speed manual

240 RWHP and 210 RWTQ



1996 1.8L Miata engine

Miata 5-speed manual

Spec Stage 3 clutch

240 RWHP and 210 RWTQ

T3/T4 Turbo

Tec-S Electromotive Fuel Management with direct fire ignition (Tuned on Mustang Dyno at VeryCoolParts.com)

4.30 Torsen LSD Rear differential (IRS)

15 Gallon RCI fuel cell

.095 DOM roll bar


Suspension/Wheels: coilover shocks,

full Miata rear subframe and suspension

15x7 alloy wheels

205/50/15 R-compound tires Bridgestones



Speedhut custom gauges (turbo boost, speedo, tach, water temp, oil press, voltmeter, fuel level)

Kirkey Racing seats

4-point camlock harnesses

Fully carpeted interior and center console


Street equipment:

H4 headlights

Brake lights

Reverse lights

Turn signals with factory Miata cancel function (OEM Miata steering column)

BUILD THREAD: http://www.locostusa.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=9336



As-Is price = $13,000.00

Repaired nose price= $14,000.00

Call Rich at 313-377-9542






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