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Photos - 2020 Annual Sevens Event at NJMP

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Well...it’s been a very good day here at NJMP. Started off cold. But as the day has gone on it has warmed up. Brilliant sunshine. Not a cloud in the sky.


We all survived the day quite well. Only one injury - me - when I face planted push starting Jim.


These are some photos I took with my iPhone. Paige (Vlad’s better half) took many photos with her digital SLR but we have to wait for those.







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Now of course Seb was caught cleaning his car after the first session




This was an instant award of the polisher award




His only concern was the choice of color. He wanted it red to match the car.


By the way, that is a handbrake...

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It’s cold here tonight. Down in the 30s. Paul (Wemtd) is camping. I did offer my garage! It’s heated. Tom C and Ottalie are in an RV outside my garage. But they seem to have heating. Brutal tonight



I have just discovered it is frog mating season. Bit noisy here.

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Awards given out last night at dinner since most will be leaving after the day today BC and not staying for dinner.


Mechanical Sympathy Award - Jim for having a failed starter precisely at the time of first session starting.






The Golden Skidmarks award for biggest on track oops went to Tom C for two spins into lots of mud during the first session





The Most Stylish Use of Hands in a Moving Vehicle was to Graham for his elegant point bys. No photo for some reason


Steve was the the worthy winner of the Best Directions in a Moving Vehicle - an award for good clean lines on track.





The last award was the Lipstick Award. Something about “lipstick” (i.e. painted nose bands on a seven) was won by Vlad. Some else will have to explain it. But he did get a stick of lipstick and had it applied during dinner.



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Make sure to warm up those tires this AM, two laps won't be enough.....Found that out the hard way at LRP many years ago in similar temps....Took the 1st apex at Big Bend, didn't make the 2nd and slid cleanly off the track to sink into the muddy grass......


Have a fantastic time this today and stay safe.


Bill S.

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