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Photos - 2020 Annual Sevens Event at NJMP

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Weather has been gorgeous. Sitting outside in the sun just enjoying the warmth





Left to right: standing is Tom Carlin of Birkin America, Steve, Paige, Vlad, Bruce Beachman of Beachman Racing, Jay.

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Mike - if you’re taking these on-track pics, are you not driving in those sessions?


And the answer is I am not driving. I was going to but I suffered injuries push starting Jim on Saturday session 1. Wrenched both ankles - left one is swollen so I cannot get into my race boots. Broke a another toe. Messed up my hands. Destroyed a knee. May have fractured the foot - going to check that today. Just did not feel comfortable going out on track with my lack of mobility. Jim who is a Doctor inspected me over to determine my problems are mental not physical. Paul who is a vet said I should be treated like a horse and put down.


Bruce Beachman had fun with my Caterham even to the point of spinning it on track twice in one lap. He said he popped the belts going into turn 1. Yes of course, right,.... :rofl:


Seb borrowed my Caterham too for one session. Wanted to see my level of power for an engine upgrade he has planned.


I got 200 miles on track last Wednesday so not missing out this week.

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Final post on this. Last session of the day goes to Mr Iron Butt, Paul (Wemtd). He was out there in the combined session of seven, white and yellow groups. His priority was to stay ahead of the Porsche Carrera GT (worth at least $1.5m). So he did and proceeded to show a modest Duratec Birkin could not just stay ahead of the Porker but gap him.


Proves my theory, Porsche drivers are not very good! Well done Paul!


To all that came and participated, thank you! Looking forward to a future event.

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Just finished up dinner with a few of us who will head out in the morning. After being holed up for quite a few months It was great to get out and actually visit with everyone at the track. Although this was a slightly smaller group than some of our other events the quality of the conversation and the number of smiles made up for the size. We also had a good turnout of wives and fiancées and a couple of kids too. Thank you all for coming out.

I think we all enjoyed the cooler weather after last July’s scorcher, even though the outdoor dinners were a bit chilly.


Thanks to all that made the effort to come out and play. We missed a few of our past regulars due to the schedule change and we hope that we will see you next year if we can get approval. We hope your travel home is safe and uneventful. Thanks to Mike for dinner tonight too:cheers::cheers:

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"1st car - Where we are now"

"2nd car - where we started"

"3rd car - Engineers that complained about rear engine design were told, "if you think you can make it better than do it!" "We didn't expect them to actually do it"







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Friends, Mike, Tom

What a great weekend and what a way to end our 2020 season! A massive thanks to Mike and Tom for organizing as usual, you guys are champs and outstanding hosts. It was terrific to see you all again, it had been way too long. Paige & Vlad, we can't wait to see your pictures .. but I'm sure that it will take a little while to go through your 2000+ pictures. We are waiting with anticipation!


Mike, thank you so much for lending me your CSR for a trail. I was impress by both, overall engine and suspension / handling. It felt like a beast and had to work hard to muscle it through the bends.


I'm attaching a link to a youtube video of Simon and I following and passing each other. Watch him passing me on the outside (!) in the octopus!!



Now it's time to store the car away and start winter upgrades. Lot's to do.. finally decided to go for a full R500+ spec engine .. exact same as Simon, with SLR roll cage, upgraded nose cone and race radiator, and a few other goodies.



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"The track entry is that way Dad" Felix providing guidance to lost father.






Guidance worked as Seb found his way on to the track.








Jeff in his Caterham BDA+ followed by Tom Carlin of Birkin America in a Birkin XS. On the blue Caterham, check out the driver side front tire. The vertical strip on the outer side edge is where the tire delaminated during the session - discovered when Jeff came into the pits.







From left to right: Bruce Beachman of Beachman Racing/Caterham Dealer, Jim, Carl (a Caterham owner but not driving)




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Simon in his 420R






Vlad in his Caterham Superlight







Steve in his Birkin XS






Jeff's very pretty little BDA+ engined Caterham. Sounded a treat.




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Tom's Birkin XS






Vlad's Caterham Superlight






Vlad in his Caterham Superlight followed by Bruce driving my Caterham CSR






Looks similar to my CSR but its Tom's Birkin XS



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Simon: "Felix, can you tell your father to speed up? He's too slow!"

Felix: "DAD!...."







Front to back: Steve in his Birkin XS, Blake in his Caterham SV 360 and Jim in his Caterham Superlight







Seb leading Simon in their identical Caterham 420Rs with the order soon to swap. These two played tag all weekend. I think Simon may have got the best of Seb





Yes and a lap later, Simon leads Seb.




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