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Classic Caterham Seven For Sale

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1985 Caterham Seven - Right-side Drive - $14,500

Long cockpit

Live axle, Morris Ital

Limited slip differential

4-speed Ford transmission

Spax adjustable shocks and spring platforms

Lotus Tall Twin Cam Built by Quorn Engine Development (QED) in England 135 HP

Weber 40DCOE carbs

Baffled sump

Newer clutch, pressure plate and throw out bearing

Thermostatic oil cooler

Tilton starter

Lumenition electronic ignition

Full weather gear and tonneau

Yokohama A032R

Compomotive 14" wheels

Purchased through the USA7s Forum several years ago. Updated wiring in 2018 performed by Ragtops & Roadsters


It's a fun car, but, it's not getting driven enough.


1985 Caterham.jpg

Caterham Steel Stacks.jpg


Pictures after Mike at Pristine Detailing did his magic


Pictures 10-26-2020

1985 Caterham Steering Odometer (1).jpg1985 Caterham Front-left (1).jpg1985 Caterham in Garage 1 (1).jpg1985 Caterham Underside (1).jpg1985 Caterham Engine Bay (1).jpg1985 Caterham Updated Wiring (1).jpg


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added pictures
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Updated with price (duh!) and pictures/links. I really enjoy taking the car out, though startup with the Weber carbs can be a finicky, but once going, resonate a sound like nothing else. Big smiles always.

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Sent responses to PMs and added some more pictures.


Jon the previous builder/owner provided me with all the receipts, build detail, etc. Really provides a great history.


Hi Ickke, I pm’d you shortly after you posted.



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The original builder bought the car back.


Yes, I did!

It took some coaxing from my friends and approval from my very understanding wife before I made the call to Rick.

Glad to have it back in the garage. Looking forward to planning and executing the various tasks and of course, getting back behind the wheel!


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