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Nose cone Dzus Removal- Wing Clearance

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How do you all open the Dzus fasteners on the sides of the car? Seems they are extremely close to the wings. I've been using a screwdriver on the inside of the engine bay, but it seems there must be a better way.

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Quarter coin works in a pinch. Otherwise a short flat head screwdriver.


If you're really fancy you can by a Dzus tool, although not sure how it fits.


Generally there is decently ample room to fit even relatively bigger screw drivers. Could be different on an SV

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You need one of these.[END QUOTE]


Back when the F-4 Phantom II and other aircraft had multiple panels held on with Dzus Fasteners, Airmen called this a "Snoopy Tool" and before our legendary "tool control" programs, every flightline mechanic carried one in his pocket. Later, the Composite Tool Kit (CTK) program eliminated tools in the pockets, etc.

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