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Series 1 on back road

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Just joined USA7s, happy to be a member. Bought a 1958 S1 this Summer and having great fun driving and working on it. I clamped a GoPro to the roll bar a few weeks after getting it and drove on the road to a really small town (the mayor is a dog) Rabbit Hash Kentucky. I'm in Cincinnati, across the river. The engine is a FWE Climax, dual H4 SUs. The wine is from the straight cut gears.

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Welcome! Can't wait to see how to get wine from gears, will save me a lot of $$$! :)


...Back after watching - beautiful car, sounds great, and fun road! Well done!

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I attached a few pictures. The car started it's life in Burbank CA with a pilot who raced at Willow Springs and Riverside. He enlisted Max Balchowsky to "upgrade" the side valve 100E Ford to a Lancia V6 with full Nardi kit, like 150HP or whatever, whoa. Apparently could stay with most except over 100 on the straights when the the lack of aerodynamics caused "issues".

full shot summer 2020.jpg

engine 4.jpg

RF Alfin and fender.jpg

steering wheel with badge.jpg

trumpet socks.jpg

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Beautiful Series 1 Steve! I lived in Lexington for several years back around 1980 and agree about the beautiful back country roads. Had a MG at the time, wish I had my Seven!

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